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Nvidia Announces Shot With GeForce

Nvidia Announces Shot With GeForce

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Nvidia has just announced Shot With GeForce where you’ll be able to compose and capture your epic gaming moments with the Nvidia Ansel photo mode.

Ansel was a new feature launched in 2016 that allows gamers to capture in-game shots and view in 360. Users can compost screenshots from any position, adjust them with post-process filters, capture HDR images in high-fidelity formats, and share them in 360 degrees using your mobile phone, PC, or VR headset.

Shot With GeForce has been specifically designed for Ansel’s capabilities, allowing you to upload, view and share any type of Ansel screenshot. That means you can zoom in on Super Resolution photos, view shots with custom filter combinations, rotate around immersive 360-degree photospheres, or even use Google Cardboard to view in VR by accessing the website on your phone.

There are hundreds of shots to view already, and if you wish to add your own there are two ways to share. The easiest is through GeForce Experience – download and install the new 3.13.1 update from GeForce Experience or the website, press Alt+Z, head to the Gallery, and upload any Ansel photo ever captured with just a few clicks.

Once you’ve uploaded, you can access it online by heading back to the Gallery, clicking “View Upload History”, selecting the shot, and clicking “Open URL”.

Users who wish to use the new Shot with GeForce feature must have an Nvidia graphics card ranging from the GTX 750 Ti to the GTX 1080 Ti. You can see the list of compatible graphics cards here. You can check out the Shot with GeForce website today.

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