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Nokia Announces a New Slate of Enhancements for OZO Reality

Nokia Announces a New Slate of Enhancements for OZO Reality

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Nokia has announced the launch of OZO Reality, an updated set of technologies for supporting improved VR creation, delivery, and user experience, at Las Vegas’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention which started on April 22nd and will run until the 27th.

“There is virtual reality, and then there is OZO Reality: our vision for the future of virtual and mixed reality experiences, seamlessly blending the real with the virtual and transcending time and space. We are developing new innovations that work together to empower storytellers, enable audiences to participate in content anywhere on any platform, and deliver on the promise of transformative experiences that help the human family feel more together,” said Paul Melin, VP of Digital Media, Nokia Technologies. “As VR and AR fast approach a tipping point that will lead to explosive growth, OZO products and technologies are well-positioned to be key drivers for the future of an industry that could top $100 billion in less than a decade.”

OZO Reality’s only contender currently, is the Facebook’s ‘Surround 360’ camera that was announced last week at F8. See our breakdown on the ‘Surround 360’ here.

Below is the breakdown in updated specs for Nokia OZO.


OZO+ – The industry-leading professional virtual reality camera solution that captures stereoscopic 360 video and 360×360 spatial sound receives its most significant update yet:

  • Paired with OZO Creator, OZO+ produces professional-grade images that have better dynamic range and better color so that they are sharper, cleaner and more natural than ever before.
  • Enabled through the rich stereoscopic data captured in RAW format, OZO+ is the only VR camera that creates depth maps ready for 3DFX compositing and mixed reality experiences.

OZO Creator – Combines powerful RAW image processing with easy-to-use and efficient post-production tools that seamlessly integrate into VR production workflows:

  • The completely new  ISP (image signal processing pipeline) delivers next-gen visual quality for content shot with OZO+ and VR cameras.
  • In addition to best-in-class stereoscopic stitching, OZO Creator now features depth map export and Nokia VR distribution format extension support to enable mixed reality content that deliver new advancements in creative control and quality.

OZO Live – Produce live 3D 360 experiences to professional broadcast standards.

  • New spatial audio mixing capabilities allow for the creation of customized audio mixes for each camera feed, incorporating both ambient audio and sound reinforcement from multiple audio feeds, with output in 5.1, ambisonics, or OZO Audio format.
  • World’s first public demonstration of dual-UHD output for 4K per eye resolution live streaming that unlocks unprecedented quality alongside OZO Live’s renowned reliability and professional broadcasting at scale.


The backbone of the OZO Reality Platform is a set of technologies and format extensions, developed by Nokia and embraced by a broad ecosystem of partners, which enable the real-world delivery of 360 video and mixed reality experiences with unprecedented efficiency and uncompromised quality:

VR format extensions – Nokia’s VR distribution and streaming format extensions now enable higher resolution, depth carriage, and spatial audio.

OZO Deliver – A software component that enables OZO Reality Platform partners to ingest and manage advanced immersive experiences, and to deliver them at lower bandwidth to broader audiences.


Depth-enabled mixed reality, spatial full-sphere sound and support for 4K, 6K and 8K resolution enable audiences to experience immersive presence in the way creators envisioned:

OZO Player SDK – Native code that can run in an existing video app for turnkey playback of VR content:

  • Provides a single interface to efficiently develop for all major VR and 360 video platforms and apps.
  • Now features depth rendering with occlusion to provide real-time integration of mixed reality elements like advertising and game-engine created elements.

OZO Audio – Advanced spatial audio technology with 3D recording and playback capabilities, designed specifically for smartphone and camera manufacturers.

  • Provides a single interface to efficiently develop for all major VR and 360 video platforms and apps.
  • OZO Audio is also fully integrated into the OZO Player SDK to deliver the most immersive audio and visual experiences

According to Nasdaq, Nokia entered into a multi-year virtual reality technology agreement with The Walt Disney’s Studios division to provide virtual reality content that will complement the theatrical release of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ in December. The OZO VR camera and software will be provided to Disney to create the VR content.

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