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No Word Yet On Apple’s VR Announcement

No Word Yet On Apple’s VR Announcement

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Every September, Apple goes on to make some big announcements in regards to their hardware and software. This year, they unveiled the iPhone 7 and the plus size model to the world. There’s been rumors floating around that Apple has a VR team swiftly and secretly at work. It’s been speculated that they might unveil the VR secrets today but unfortunately that summit has been kept a wrap today.

iphone 7 VR

With the top technology companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Facebook, Google, HTC, Intel, and Qualcomm working on their own VR and AR solutions, it can’t be too far fetched to believe that Apple has something up their sleeves to unveil to the world in regards to virtual and/or augmented reality.

2 cameras on iphone 7 for vr


Apple’s double camera design is a unique feature that looks to be able to deliver something more than just high quality photos. In our opinion and judgment, we believe that the new iPhone’s will be able to deliver some sort of VR and/or AR functionalities past the current basics.

Stay tuned as we dig further into this matter with Apple and their VR/AR technology

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