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No Man’s Sky In VR A Possibility

No Man’s Sky In VR A Possibility

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No Man’s Sky, the highly anticipated game, was recently released to the public and people have been raving about how different the game is than anything they’ve played. The matter of fact is that it’s true. The world is set with algorithms that make it nearly infinite in size to roam and adventure through. This adds an element of gaming unlike any other.

This title represents a game that many fans were looking for. It’s literally unbeatable because of size and density. It’s full of adventure, without knowing any idea what will be on the next planet without knowing what happens next. It’s exhilarating due to the fact that you can actually run another player in such a vast game. And last but not least, you can battle aliens. Yup, aliens. You’ll run into robotic and biological beings that can either be neutral or hostile.

No Man’s Sky also provides the space nostalgia. You get to man your very own spaceship, upgrade it, and make them more capable of traveling into deeper space. When you arrive on new planets, your goal is to collect and mine materials to upgrade your space shuttle.

no mans sky spaceship

The creators of No Man’s Sky, Hello Games, is an indie game development company based out of Guildford, England. The CEO, Sean Murray, used to be a developer at EA and worked on titles just as Burnout. The core team is only comprised of 15 members which makes it that much more remarkable.

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To see a team create such a demand for a game is unprecedented. In comparison, major game development companies are comprised of four to five times that amount.

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Someone on Sean Murray’s AMA asked if this title would be released in VR. He didn’t say yes. But he didn’t say no either. He left the question unanswered meaning that there might be the possibility of the title being released in virtual reality.

This is something that the VR community is thriving for, a space simulation adventure with endless possibilities. But there are definite hurdles to overcome in order for this to become real. First of all, it needs to be developed on a different platform. This becomes a time and money issue. Secondly, it needs to meet the FPS specs. VR games usually require minimum of 90 FPS. The graphics must also keep up. So there are definitely some big hurdles to overcome in order for No Man’s Sky in VR to be real.

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There are big opportunities out there for indie and major game developers to create a mega hit title with a spaced theme adventure game in virtual reality. The market is wide open for a blockbuster franchise to move in and swivel the VR industry. We’ll definitely look forward to that glorious day.

This space adventure game is currently released on the PS4 and PC. Sean Murray mentioned that the two platforms are currently hosted on different servers which won’t allow the two different groups of players to interact in the space world. But he did however mention that “it might be a possibility.” If you’re ever so irking to try out a space game in VR, we’d definitely recommend you checking out Adr1ft. It has a different theme and vibe to it than No Man’s Sky but it definitely will give you a great space adventure.

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