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Nintendo Will Be Live Streaming The Nintendo Switch Tonight


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With much anticipation, Gamers and Nintendo fans have been waiting patiently for updates and information about their new upcoming gaming console, Switch. This new device is suppose to be stationary and mobile allowing a diverse way to game. Tonight, at 11 PM EST, they’ll be streaming the event in the above Twitch channel.

Watch live with us as we’ll provide the latest news about the upcoming Nintendo Switch console. As we’ve revealed a while back, there have been patents filed for the new device which shows that it’ll be coming with some sort of peripheral device that you can put on your head. We believe that it’ll be some sort of VR integration to the Switch console.

There still hasn’t been any updated news on how much the Nintendo Switch will cost. It’s been predicted that the console will launch in Japan at around $250. The Wii U console was launched at a $300 price point here in the U.S. So we expect the Nintendo Switch to release around those similar price points.

Nintendo also hinted at the games to come for the new Switch console including Zelda, Shovel Knight, and Pokemon. They’ll allow third party studios and game developers to release games for the upcoming system which is quite exciting. Titles such as NBA 2K and Skyrim are expected to launch on the console relatively soon after the Switch is released to the public.

We might also be finding out if the game will support past consoles such as the Game Cube. There’s been hints and clues around this topic but no concrete answer from Nintendo. We expect a lot of information to come from tonight’s official stream. Follow along the journey with us tonight!

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