Home HTC Vive New VR Games To Play This Week On HTC Vive – October 13, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play This Week On HTC Vive – October 13, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play This Week On HTC Vive – October 13, 2017 Weekend Edition

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There’s been a lot of news in VR this week so you may have missed some of the titles that have released over the last few days. One of the biggest releases was with Million Arthur VR through Square-Enix.

Below is the full list of recommended games to play on HTC Vive this week:

Million Arthur VR: Character Command RPG – $39.99

In Million Arthur VR: Character Command RPG, four heroes – a mercenary, a thief, a merchant, and a diva – have all drawn King Arthur’s Excalibur from the stone (among a million others) and are vying to rule Camelot. However, an outside invading force soon derails their plans of sitting on the throne as the four heroes must face these threatening and otherworldly adversaries.

Space Pirate Trainer$9.99

The full release of Space Pirate Trainer is now available on Steam for the HTC Vive. This game is the “official” trainer for wannabe space pirates. You’ll have the ability to wield futuristic guns to destroy the oncoming waves of mercenary robots. You’ll compete against the best for the highest scores.

New features in the full release:

New enemies

  • Hex Droid: Intense spinning shielded droid that can only be shot while it’s shooting
  • Rocket Droid: Slow moving, but equiped with an endless supply of deadly Space Pirate seeking rockets
  • Swarms: Dozens of droids swimming through the sky – and at you!
  • RayBoss: A huge beam shooting menace
  • Mothership: The ultimate space pirate battle!

New challenging waves

  • Dozens and dozens and dozens of new challenging handcrafted waves
  • Intense boss fight waves

Turrets, powered by your Volton

  • Tesla coil: Zaps enemies in range
  • Auto Turret: Laser turret with auto-targeting
  • Ray Cannon: Ray turret, manual control like a mixer

New Powerups

  • Buddy: Your friendly hi-tech drone, battling on your side for a change!
  • Super lasers: The most kick ass 80s style lasers money can’t buy
  • Super rays: Takes down *any* droid in seconds!
  • Hexagon destructible shield: A shield that stays active so long as it’s not shot down.

Other stuff

  • Impact warning system (slows down more and added reticle around laser)
  • General audiovisual improvements
  • Added an “easy mode”, for explorers (still not easy though)
  • Wave unlocks
  • Achievements
  • Unlockable skins for your weapons
  • Unlockable alpha ship environment
  • 8 new awesome hyperactive kinetic tracks by the master producers James Marvel and June Miller


DreamTank is a sweeping musical journey that takes you through randomly generated alien worlds in an interaction-light VR experience.

This VR experience contains ten different DreamTracks–the musical score that drives the visuals–with each experience beginning with simple shapes and a muted color palette, and then as the DreamTrack plays on, the worlds become more vivid, the shapes more complex, and the colors more vibrant. Watch the sun rise and set over alien worlds, see massive objects float through the sky above you, and watch distant comets burn through the night sky backlit by stars and planets–each world a randomly generated snapshot that will be unique to your experience

Cursed Isles – $9.99

Cursed Isles is an Early Access VR game that takes you on a pirates journey through the virtual seas. Players will have to use their skills to fight off the cursed inhabitants while testing your ship battling skills against other pirates. Successful players will master swashbuckling, captaining a ship and open sea battles to complete their missions.

There will be pirate hangout areas where you get your missions interact with different objects.

Planet Protector VR$9.99

Your mission in Planet Protector VR is simple: protect your planet from annihilation. Players will have to defend your city from alien invaders in this colorful VR game. You’ll have access to various artillery to bring down UFOs from the sky.

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