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New VR Games To Play On Samsung Gear VR – October 27, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play On Samsung Gear VR – October 27, 2017 Weekend Edition

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The Samsung Gear VR continues to be a popular platform to experience VR games and immersive videos. There were a lot of great releases this week on the platform so let’s jump right into it.

Below is the list of new VR games you should check out this weekend:

IT: Escape From Pennywise VR$0.99

Have you recently watched “IT,” The Stephen King novel based movie? Well, if you have you’ll find a lot of similar thrills in this new VR experience on Samsung Gear VR. IT: Escape From Pennywise VR is the next chapter of the IT virtual reality experience with IT: Escape from Pennywise.

You’ll be going inside the Neibolt house and must choose a door to determine your fate as you come face-to-face with the scary and creepy clown, Pennywise.

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab – Free

After some delays, Oculus has announced the official release of Blade Runner 2049 Memory Lab on the Samsung Gear VR. The experience follows the storyline from the recent movie featuring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in a futuristic dystopian society overrun by bio-engineered human beings.

In the VR game, you’ll play as a Blade Runner who, after the violent ending in Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit, reports to the Wallace Corporation’s Memory Lab at the Wallace Corporation for incident analysis. With the help of a holographic AI similar to the character of Joi in the movie, you’ll explore your memories of the event, reconstructing and interacting with them as you uncover a mysterious conspiracy.

Melita – $1.99

Melita takes place in a dystopian like world where Melita, an advanced AI, and Anaaya, a brilliant female scientist are tasked to find a new planet that humans can inhabit. The two characters are surrounded by snow, ice, and anything else that reminds you of the antarctic. They also have a futuristic spaceship that’s able to travel intergalactic to other planets. It’s hung in the air by some futuristic contraptions which was really interesting to see in VR.

While researching and exploring the desolate planet, the two female characters also take on a personal journey to figure out the meaning of life.

West Gangs$4.99

Welcome to the wild wild west. In West Gangs, you’ll be a hired hand that must defeat other outlaws through quick-draw duels. You’ll be picking bounties that range from easy to harder outlaws to kill.

You’ll be earning money as you take down the evil outlaws and earn exclusive gear on the way. You can also chill in the saloon and pick among a full set of weapons, revolvers, shotguns, and rifles to match your own play style.

Saint Motel VRFree

Saint Motel, the band, has released their full-length album in VR with new immersive experiences for each song. Through the VR app you’ll be able to sit inside of the album cover art and dangle your legs in the TV pool while you enjoy the unique VR content and hear the song playing in the background.


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