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New VR Games To Play On Samsung Gear VR – October 13, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play On Samsung Gear VR – October 13, 2017 Weekend Edition

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Samsung Gear VR is still one of the most popular platforms for VR. There’s many games ane experiences that constantly release on the platform.

Below is the list of new VR games you should check out this weekend:

The Well$9.99

The Well is a uniquely designed game that enchants the VR experience with amazing visuals and sound. This game will take you on an immersive journey through a fantasy RPG driven story. The Well was created by Turtle Rock Studios, the creators behind hit games such as Face Your Fears, Left 4 Dead, and Evolve.

In The Well, you’ll explore the world of Tholl, a world beyond your imagination. On this fantastic planet, peaceful villagers live in harmony while barbaric tribes keep to their wilderness. Into this world where nothing changes arise the Tesh, a demonic force bent on destruction. The Oracle summons YOU to Keep the Balance. You must recruit allies, brave the wilderness, explore the mysteries of Tholl and defeat the Tesh before they unmake the world.

The World of Tholl is vast and ancient, with many mysteries. Not everything is what it seems. There are secrets scattered throughout the world that reward you with items and gold. Exploring, recruiting new companions and finding all the world’s secrets provides hours of gameplay.

Elevator… To The Moon!$4.99

Elevator… to the Moon! is a highly anticipated title that made its debut this wee on the Samsung Gear VR headset.

Users will be playing as a lunarnaut/repair-person, tasked with fulfilling the ridiculous demands of President of the World, Doug-Slater Roccmeier, to build his massively unstable elevator… to the moon. You must obey his increasingly goofy orders to the letter, disobey and cause hilarious havoc, or find your own sweet spot.

Each way of playing has its own advantages and outcomes. It’s up to you, intrepid elevator person, to blaze your own altitudinal path…to the moon!

Features include:

• Immersive, challenging VR puzzles

• Exploration! The elevator has heaps of stuff Roccmeier doesn’t want you to find

• Clever control scheme, use your favorite controls regardless of room size and setup

• Virtually (heh) vomit-free! Designed to maintain maximum tummy comfort


Sunken allows you explore the depths of the ocean where you’ll discover a shipwreck form a century ago. Players will have to suit up, dive in, and find the treasure that lurk at the bottom of the ocean. You’ll also uncover the hidden secrets beneath the sea.

Players will have the ability to find some Easter Eggs throughout the game and move around realistic and highly interactive locations with a comfortable teleportation system.

Cargo Racing VR$2.99

Cargo Racing VR is a virtual racing game designed for all types of users. You’ll be able to hop in and maneuver these colorful cars on a “Hot-Wheels” like tracks. Users will also be able to explore a world full of character as you drift around 360-degree race tracks, manoeuvring and jumping over obstacles whilst trying to keep your Cargo on board.

There is an online leader-board so make sure to try your best to see if you can top the other competitors.

Black Hole$1.99

Learn how the Black Hole works in this new immersive VR experience. Black Hole is an educational experience that provides an unimaginable immersive way to learn:

How a black hole is formed?

How to create?

What does it looks like?

And what’s inside?

All these questions may be answered through this VR experience.

My Principal is an AlienFree

My Principal is an Alien is a free Gear VR game where your job is to figure out whether your principal is indeed an alien.

A lot of strange stuff has been happening in your little town ever since Principal Wilson mysteriously disappeared and the new principal showed up. It’s time to take matters into your own hands. Armed with your schoolyard wit you’re going to need outsmart your teacher, avoid detention and get sent to the new principal’s office to uncover the truth. All it takes is a little mischief to get the ball in motion.


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