Home Samsung Gear VR New VR Games To Play On Samsung Gear VR – November 24, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play On Samsung Gear VR – November 24, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play On Samsung Gear VR – November 24, 2017 Weekend Edition

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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! There’s been a lot of great releases this week on the Samsung Gear VR and we wanted to introduce you to some of them.

Check out last week’s releases.

Below is the list of new Gear VR games you should check out this weekend:.

Dispatch – FREE

Written and directed by Edward Robles, Dispatch takes you inside the head of a police dispatcher (Starr) who is facing one of the greatest challenges of his career during an all-night crime spree. The mini-series features features Martin Starr (Gilfoyle from “Silicon Valley”) as Ted, the protagonist.

As unsung heroes of the law enforcement world, dispatchers have one of the most difficult jobs – receiving awful news at the worst hour, immediately sending help, and hoping for the best outcome. In “Dispatch,” the protagonist, Ted, is thrust into a situation where he is no longer a witness to whatever happens on the other end of the line, but rather, the only person who can help the victim.

Mission: ISSFREE

While most people will never have the opportunity to physically visit the International Space Station (ISS) in space, Oculus has devised a way to help people virtually tour the orbital landmark with Mission:ISS. In this riveting VR experience, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the space station in virtual reality and feel what it’s like to be in space as an astronaut.

Rise of Insanity – Episode I$3.99

Rise of Insanity – Episode 1 will have you impersonate the role of the doctor of psychology to discover the mysteries in the story. You’ll have to overcome fear and find out what really happened to your family.

If you are into mysteries, scary games, and horror, this game might be right up your alley.

Twobit Odyssey$3.99

Twobit Odyssey is an adventure VR game where you’ll be using your gaze to control a little robot in a strange world. You’ll have to assist the robot and help him tackle puzzles and unravel mysteries throughout the game.

At the start, Twobit awakens in a dark and mysterious area but quickly finds out that he is not alone. He sees you and you become his guide. When Twobit asks for directions, you must look around the room and find a location for him to explore. When he finds a button, you must nod your head and agree to activate it.

– Eight mind-bending levels, fours different environments and bosses.
– Unique control system.
– Designed to prevent motion sickness.
– Immersive 3D sound.


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