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New VR Games To Play On Samsung Gear VR – December 01, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play On Samsung Gear VR – December 01, 2017 Weekend Edition

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There were a considerable number of new and interesting VR games released this week on Samsung Gear VR. Let’s take a look at some of those titles.

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Below is the list of new Gear VR games you should check out this weekend:

Conflict 0: ShatteredFREE

Conflict 0: Shattered takes place 35 years after the civil war where the last Sovereign has finally been located. Your mission is to infiltrate the base and locate the target. After location, you must eliminate the threat.

You’ll have access to weapons and even a robot to fight out your battles. The first chapter of this post-war story, Conflict 0 – Shattered is a first look on what happened on the country of Navaha after years of war.

The VR game is free so make sure to check it out!

Innocent Forest 2: The Bed in the Sky – $4.99

This is a follow up to the first Innocent Forest VR experience.

The forest of lost memories: A doctor named Hauser, (voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi) just moved into the town. While he takes a walk in the town, he steps into the forest and then meets a girl, Luclei, (voiced by Rina Hidaka) in the sudden washing rain. Luclei catches a cold by walking in the rain. Hauser has been afraid of facing a patient from his memory of a girl he couldn’t save, but he regains his lost memory with the girl as he nurses Luclei…

Qumi Qumi$1.99

In this unique VR experience, where users will get lost in a very imaginative world. The Qumi Qumi characters are quite entertaining and you’ll experience many things along the way.

Coaster CombatFREE

In Coaster Combat, you’ll be taking off on an enjoyable virtual coaster ride. But it ain’t no ordinary VR coaster. Rather, its a mix of adventure, excitement, and fun as you ride through various environments collecting coins and battling enemies. You’ll have access to cross-bows to eliminate threats, guns to shoot, and even wands to cast spells.

Coaster Combat is free so what do you have to lose?



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