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New VR Games To Play On PSVR – December 15, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play On PSVR – December 15, 2017 Weekend Edition

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Sony made some really big announcements this week in regards to some of the upcoming IPs for PlayStation VR. But for now let’s check out the new releases this week.

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Below is our weekend list of new VR games to try out on PlayStation VR:

VR The Diner Duo – $14.99

VR The Diner Duo is a local multiplayer game for the Oculus Rift where you need to communicate to manage a diner together. One of the cool things about this is that the VR user will play as the chef of the diner where you must cook the food while the other user plays on the gamepad as the waiter.

The waiter will be serving the food, obviously. If you want to serve some food and work in a diner, well, this is the perfect VR game for you.

The Last Guardian VR DemoFREE

As you can see you’ll be able playing the demo from a first person perspective where you get to hang out with Trico, your legendary best friend.

Just like the game, there aren’t any set rules per say but you can interact with the environment around you. There are barrels you can pick up and give Trico for him to eat. When you give him enough food inside the room Trico is going to want out. So you follow the barrels and eventually lead him outside.

The Last Guardian VR Demo is available for free so make sure to check it out on PSVR!

The Rabbit Hole$4.99

In the Rabbit Hole you must solve puzzles to find your way out of the room before it is too late. We should warn you, there is something lurking in the shadows you should move rather quickly.


– A Dark Environment Built With Unreal 4
– Live an Escape the Room experience in Virtual Reality
– Room exploration with collectibles and logical thinking to find the way out
– The Room evolves and get darker and darker as you push forward, experience The Old Room in three different layouts: Night, Day and Nightmare.
– Change your size with cakes and potions mechanics to find and explore new places.
– More than 5 unique puzzles challenges
– Incredible virtual sound effects


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