Home Oculus Rift New VR Games To Play On Oculus Rift – November 10, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play On Oculus Rift – November 10, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play On Oculus Rift – November 10, 2017 Weekend Edition

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Below is a list of new VR games and experiences available on the Oculus Rift:

Adventure Golf VR$9.99

Adventure Golf VR brings a new way to R&R in the virtual world while you work on your putting game. You’ll traverse around some delightful courses while playing a fun game of minigolf. There are different styles of minigolf included in the game: Prehistoric, Fantasy, and Sci-fi. Players will be able to adjust their putters according to height which makes it available for both adults and kids.

Onward $19.99

Onward has made its official debut on the Oculus Store for all Rift players to enjoy. This is a Mil-Sim paced tactical multiplayer shooter where players will have to use coordination, communication, and marksmanship skill to complete objectives in online infantry combat.

Onward is one of the first VR games that brought together a virtual world where players can cooperate and fight together in a 5 on 5 multiplayer setting.

Wonderful YouFREE

From the Academy award nominee, Samantha Morton presents an interactive VR experience called Wonderful You which takes you inside the womb. This experience uses the latest scientific research to reveal remarkable stories from the development of your senses; Touch, Taste, Smell, Sound and Sight.

This experience is quite striking as you travel in the womb to meet your unborn self. You’ll be able to tickle your feet, play sounds in the womb and release odours into the amniotic fluid. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR$8.99

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR will pit you against 16 members of the infamous Division of Steel within four Cups. You’ll be challenged by the very best table tennis players in the virtual world. Players will have to methodically use the Touch controllers to get those balls across the table and eliminate every opponent.

There are two modes to choose from in the game: Full simulation and arcade mode.

Left Hand Path – $29.99

Left Hand Path has just made its full release today on Steam. This VR title is a Dark Souls-inspired Room-Scale Virtual Reality RPG game where you hold the power of magic in your hands. Players will learn arcane gestures to cast powerful spells and battle fearsome foes who give no quarter.

You must find your way through a weird, magical landscape in over 15 hours of dedicated VR gameplay. Changes from the Early Access version include:

  • Massive graphical improvements including a total overhaul of all spell effects, teleport effects, a new Grimoire, and more.
  • Light Level Overhaul – based on numerous comments and feedback, I’ve significantly raised the light levels throughout the game. It’s still scary (have tested, can confirm) but you can now see what you’re doing!
  • Better Braziers – I’ve also raised the light levels on lightable braziers and fires.
  • Low-Terror Mode – allows people who love RPGs but don’t love being scared out of their wits to play Left-Hand Path with seriously reduced terror, including much more visibility and adjusted monster placement and effects.
  • Story Mode – want to experience the story and the world of Left-Hand Path without banging your head against Dark Souls-like difficulty? This mode’s for you.
  • New Lobby – I’ve completely redesigned the first thing you ever see in the game. The black room is no more – now your very first introduction to the game is much clearer and contains a bunch of new features too, including an ever-expanding library of lore.
  • Tutorial – lots of people said that the Early Access version was a little hard to get into. So a new introduction area now teaches you the basics of spellcasting and ritual, as well as filling out a bit more of Left-Hand Path’s story.
  • Locomotion overhaul – I’ve gone through every area in Left-Hand Path and improved locomotion, as well as overhauling the locomotion system in general. If you prefer locomotion to teleporting you’ll find the 1.0.0 release a much smoother experience!
  • Sound effect improvements – including foley effects for almost every object in the game.
  • Book Code Overhaul – You no longer need to twist your wrist around to read books. A tiny change with a huge impact!
  • Front-Facing Play Support – if you play in a front-facing configuration, that’s now supported in Left-Hand Path, with a new “turn” option on the controls.

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