Home Oculus Rift New VR Games To Play On Oculus Rift – December 01, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play On Oculus Rift – December 01, 2017 Weekend Edition

New VR Games To Play On Oculus Rift – December 01, 2017 Weekend Edition

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My oh my has there been some huge controversy this week with DOOM VFR and its compatibility issues with Oculus Rift. But no worries, there were some amazing VR games and experiences officially released for the Rift this week. Lets take a look shall we?

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Below is a list of new VR games and experiences available on the Oculus Rift:


Unkightly is a medieval themed VR stealth game. Users must take on the role of a former member of the “Knight’s Order” to bring back justice in society.

At the beginning of the game you’ll learn that you have been betrayed by friends and are thrown into prison by someone very close to you. You become hungry for revenge and seek to uncover the identity of the one that crossed you.

This game is based around stealth and there will be multiple ways to solve every challenge. You must walk around in the shadows and sneak past guards. you’ll even have to climb over walls.

Do we dare say that this game is “Assassin’s Creed” of VR?

Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light$4.99

Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light is a unique VR experience where users will be immersed in a animated VR world with striking visuals and characters.

Innocent Forest will take you through a fantasy story about a girl named Luclei and the memories of her visitors. The forest of lost memories: a place where they say you can forget one painful occurrence. Kei, (voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi) a young man lost in the forest, encounters a mysterious girl named Luclei (voiced by Rina Hidaka) who lives among the woods and gathers a flock of birds. It is through these birds the past, present and future of lost memories unfolds.

Innocent Forest 2: The Bed in the Sky$4.99

This is a follow up to the first Innocent Forest VR experience.

The forest of lost memories: A doctor named Hauser, (voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi) just moved into the town. While he takes a walk in the town, he steps into the forest and then meets a girl, Luclei, (voiced by Rina Hidaka) in the sudden washing rain. Luclei catches a cold by walking in the rain. Hauser has been afraid of facing a patient from his memory of a girl he couldn’t save, but he regains his lost memory with the girl as he nurses Luclei…

Attack of the Bugs – $5.99

Attack of the Bugs transports you into a B-movie hooror-humor nightmare where you must defeat the hordes of creepy giant insects in VR. Players will be able to deploy armies and carefully choose when to gather resources. Then, take up arms to support your troops in the game’s action/strategy gameplay.


– Deploy attack troops and defensive units according to your master plan
– Engage the enemy directly with multiple weapon types
– Craft super-weapons to gain the upper hand
– Adapt your strategy to the different bug types, each with its own characteristics
– Immersive, funny, yet creepy-as-hell audio environment
– Story Mode levels and Infinite mode difficulties
– Tons of “Aliens” references (we couldn’t help it!)

Titanic VR$14.99

Titanic has been one of the most iconic cruise ships in the world. Famous for sinking to the bottom of the ocean, Titanic VR allows you to explore the sunken ship like never before with the help of virtual reality.

Users will take on the role of Dr. Ethan Lynch, Associate Professor of Maritime Archaeology at the fictional University of Nova Scotia. With funding from a mysterious investor, Dr. Lynch and his PhD Candidate Jean Robinson have set out aboard a research vessel to dive the wreck of Titanic and answer questions that have remained submerged for a century.

You’ll be tasked to explore the shipwreck while recovering valuable items and complete missions.

Home – A VR SpacewalkFREE

Home – A VR Spacewalk will allow you to throw yourself into the void 250 miles above Earth. Players will be at the center of the story, taking you on an emotional and personal journey while delivering beautiful, heart-stopping, and memorable moments.

This experience is free and worth checking out.

Late For Work$9.99

In Late For Work, one player becomes a giant gorilla where you’re tasked to do “gorilla things.” Up to 4 other players are tasked to take down the gorilla in an epic local multiplayer party game. Users must work together to figure out how to bring down the giant gorilla.

Late For Work can be played with VR and non-VR players which is a great feature.

Additional features:

– Fast-paced intense rounds. Take turns under the headset. Plot your next takedown.

– Local multiplayer party game: a great way to include all your friends in a VR experience.

– Fun, over-the-top physics where every object is a potential weapon and shield.

Unearthing Mars$14.99

Unearthing Mars is a VR adventure game where you must embark on an epic mission on the neighboring red planet. As co-pilot of the retrieval team, users must solve riddling puzzles, shoot down bad guys, and resolve a plethora of challenges and missions.


Story – Unravel the mysteries of Phobos

Simulation – Experience space flight and landing through cockpit

Driving Simulation – Explore the red planet with the rover

Puzzle – Solve the remnant puzzles of Phobos

FPS – Battle against cryptic alien beings.

The gameplay is said to last about 2 hours.

Bro BotsFREE

In Bro Bots, you’ll follow the adventures of two British robots (Otis and Roberto) who happen to arrive in New York and join the NYPD.

Otis is a culture vulture. He prides himself on his impeccable taste and stylish appearance. Roberto is an ex-military man, who likes the simple things in life. If he could drink he’d always have a beer in his hand. But they are best friends and arguably the best crime-fighting duo that the city has ever seen.

In Bro Bots players will go underground where Otis and Roberto are called to investigate a bomb threat in a subway station. When they discover an unconscious woman on a train, things start to spiral out of control. Over the intercom, an ex candy-seller frustrated at losing his job to a charismatic vending machine, threatens to kill them both.

The VR game is free so might as well check it our right?

KunFu Town VR$9.09

In KungFu Town VR you’ll be basically thrown into a fighting pit in unusual environments. There are two main common scenes which are offices and supermarkets. There, you will be in an arena where you must defeat your co-workers, shoppers, managers, and employees. There are 10 levels and a hidden producer level.

You’ll have access to weapons such as knives, guns, axes, wrenches, keyboards, monitors, chairs, baseball bats, and more. The characters in the game look very blocky like Minecraft characters.


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