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New Trailer Revealed For Upcoming VR Platformer Game Star Child

New Trailer Revealed For Upcoming VR Platformer Game Star Child

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Star Child is an upcoming PS VR game that takes the fun elements of classic platformer games and applies it to the immersive virtual world. Created by Playful Corp, the studio behind Lucky’s Tale, Star Child will feature graphic rich content driven by some clever storylines.

We actually demoed the game back during E3 this year and we had a blast playing the title. In this upcoming title, you’ll be guiding a female character named Spectra through various environments while facing all sorts of danger. Her and her companion are tasked with an important mission on an alient planet.

After becoming stranded, the two characters uncover a hostile and overwhelming force that threatens to destroy everything. At a pivotal, startling moment, Spectra gains the ability to gradually take control of the world around her and fight back.

“With Star Child, we were drawn to the elegant simplicity of the side-scrolling platformer genre, which can convey an incredible amount of narrative through non-traditional means,” said Paul Bettner, CEO and Founder of Playful Corp on a blog. “There’s a subtle power to telling a story through continuously changing environments and cinematic visuals, as well as character animations, especially the way players can move Spectra forward and learn to master their surroundings through gameplay. Enhanced by the magic of virtual reality, these elements take on a new dimension as Spectra’s powers grow and she pushes deeper into a strange, immersive world full of dark secrets.

Inspired by countless science fiction adventure classics across games, books and movies, Star Child is at its heart both a mystery and journey of self-discovery. As Spectra explores a foreign world and encounters desperate situations, help comes both from without and within, leading to a surprising yet satisfying path to victory.”

Our experience playing Star Child

In the game, you are only given the option to go left or right which might feel limiting at the beginning. But as the story unfolds you’ll notice that this becomes the crutch to the whole game and concept. Most VR games are quite distracting in the idea of freedom, pace, and chaos. But with limited direction in Star Child, you are able to focus on the things that matter which is the storytelling component. “[Star Child] feels like a stage in front of you,” said Bettner. “A cinematic side-scroller.”

You can move closer or further away from the character to catch all of the details that Playful has built into Star Child. As you run through the grass, you can see it light up in warm neon colors. Or as you jump over large pillars, you can turn your head sideways to see the subtle details they’ve added into the character’s movement.

Playful Corp has announced that Star Child will launch in 2018 exclusively for PS VR.

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