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New Oculus Rift VR Games – March 23, 2018 Weekend Edition

New Oculus Rift VR Games – March 23, 2018 Weekend Edition

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Rift users, I am back again with a new set of VR games that you must check out on the Oculus Rift. After, the countless days of hard work and waiting, it is time to reward yourself with some fun new VR titles.

Below is the full list of new recommended games to play on Oculus Rift this week:

Streetball VR$0.99

Experience the pleasure of basketball when you step into the street one on one with the top finest in basketball action and play in different streets with beautiful backgrounds in VR.

The Steadfast VR Challenge$19.99

This is The Steadfast VR challenge, where victory is a futile endeavor. The best you can hope for is to last longer than your predecessors. It’s a hybrid of fast paced, guns blazing, first person shooter action with the strategy and anxiousness of a tower defense.

Catan VR $14.99

The goal of Settlers of Catan is to be the first person and settlement to gain 10 victory points. Points are accrued by building structures, purchasing cards, and earning accomplishment cards such as “Longest Road” and “Largest Army.”

The Villa: Allison’s Diary – $5.99

A villa, a daily routine and an apparently happy family. Here is where everything began. Relive through flashbacks, immersive cinematic effects and terrifying jump scares, the night Allison killed her parents in 1956. Looks pretty scary.

Ark Park – $39.99

The game features some incredible looking dinosaurs where you’ll be able to experience it in VR. Ark Park hopes to let you live your dreams of entering a world where living breathing dinosaurs roam freely on Earth. Users will be able to explore the virtual park with no actual plot line. You simply take tours with your friends and share a unique experience of interacting and killing some dinosaurs up-front and close.

The game has been receiving a lot of mixed reviews so it’s for you to decide if it is worth purchasing and playing.

RealFlight 8 – $89.99

RealFlight 8 is a flight simulator for model airplanes, helicopters, and drones. Fly more than 140 vehicles at 50+ flying sites in a huge open world. Test your skills in the challenges, and fly with your friends in online multiplayer games.

Oh, and it’s $90. I better be able to fly at that price.

Escape Room VR: Stories$11.99

Escape Room VR: Stories is based on the popular real-life escape rooms. It uses VR capabilities to its full potential. The locations are full of objects players can interact with, the environment is very realistic and detailed. Each room has its own plot that combines together into one story. Every location has three different endings which depend on the player’s success in unraveling their secrets. The plot is presented through graphic novel cutscenes.

Elven Love – $14.99

So, uh, are you trying to get intimate with elves? Well, here’s the VR game for you.

Virtual Boxing League – $19.99

Virtual Boxing League is a realistic physics and skill-based VR boxing simulation! Learn how to box, build self-confidence, have fun and get a great workout while developing your own personal fighting style! Where you at Mayweather?


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