Home VR Games The New Lobby In Echo Arena Looks Like Something Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

The New Lobby In Echo Arena Looks Like Something Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

The New Lobby In Echo Arena Looks Like Something Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie

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Ready At Dawn currently holds the Game Of The Year award for their awesome job with Lone Echo in 2017. Alongside the magnificent AAA VR game is Echo Arena which is their competitive e-sports VR game. It pits you against other players where you must glide, spin, and maneuver around in zero-G to score on your opponents.

The game itself is quite entertaining where it provides a dash of fun and excitement. And to further increase the quality of the game, Ready At Dawn has decided to revamp the lobby in Echo Arena.

In the trailer you can see the new infrastructures they’ve built inside the lobby where you can train, warm-up, and practice for the big game.

New Echo Arena Lobby features include:

  • A quarter-court practice area where you can summon your own personal disc or use the community one to nail down passing, throwing, and more!
  • Launch tubes to practice the perfect launch (just make sure you’re headed in the right direction!).
  • A larger brawler room to perfect the timing of your punches and blocks.
  • Upgraded holotables that now include live markers for each of the players in the Lobby.
  • New lobby music to shake your tail-feather to, as well as updated SFX in the Lobby and Arena.

Personal Training Disc

The personal training disc is available in the practice arena of the lobby and is also available before the game starts in private matches. Use the button on the Arm Computer to recall it to your hand to throw it again. Other players can not see or interact with your personal disc.

Single-player Private Matches Now Available

Looking to practice your shots alone before jumping into a match? Use the matchmaking terminals and enter a private match without anyone there to take the disc from you so you can practice your skills!

Arena Backboard Collision Rework

The back board has had all of its ridges removed so its a flat plane. The pyramid in the center has had all of the bevels removed so each edge meets at a sharp angle. Backboard shots should now be more consistent.

Private Match Settings: Now Open to All

Ready At Dawn has has changed the party terminal that allows more party members to assist in making changes to the match (versus only the Party Leader having those controls).

Other changes:

  • Anyone can change the match rules using the terminal in their party’s starting area.
  • Anyone can indicate their team is “Ready” or restart the match.
  • At any point in the match players can switch teams.
  • At any point in the match players can go in and out of Spectator.
  • Rules can be adjusted up until the match has begun.
  • The restart and ready buttons work consistently now.

Exploit Fixes

Players can no longer use props or the arm computer to move over the speed cap. Players can no longer use their head or shoulder to “juke” the position of the disc.

Bug Fixes

A bug was discovered that in certain cases (and, more common, in high speeds) the offset of the hand to the disc’s center of mass was found to be slightly different. This could mean the disc would throw faster and affect the consistency of the players throw angles. Now the offset is fixed and throws should be slightly more consistent.

  • Fixed a crash where punches or blocks could sometimes crash the game with no BugSplat pop-up.
  • Spectator text clarity in the arena has been improved and will only show when there are spectators in the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the overlay for a second invite becomes stuck on the Arm Computer after transitioning into a match by accepting a previous invite.
  • The mute/invite icon located inside each player’s profile is now functional!

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