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New HTC Vive VR Games – Dec 07, 2018 Weekend Edition

New HTC Vive VR Games – Dec 07, 2018 Weekend Edition

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We are almost at the finish line to wrap up this wonderful year of 2018. While time is blowing past us, there are still some new VR games to take a look at. Let’s jump right in!

New HTC Vive game releases last week

Below is the full list of recommended VR games to play on HTC Vive this week:

Lost on the Island$24.99

lost on the island vr

Lost on the Island is the first open world VR travel experience that offers a stunning feeling of presence on an island with the most breathtaking atmospheres and the most immersive and enjoyable vacation experience.

Awake: Episode One$4.79

This new experience is a character-driven interactive cinematic VR series that blurs the line between dream and reality, as you are drawn into the perplexities surrounding space, time and the human psyche in its most vulnerable state.


Host and attend virtual events: concerts, watch parties, meet-and-greets, and more. Create and share virtual spaces with your friends, and explore the thousands of experiences our users have already created. Cheer for your favorite players and teams WHILE playing any number of fun virtual mini-games: cornhole, shuffleboard, pong, bowling, and more. Shop for new items and sell what you create on the Sansar Store.

Trippy Tree$1.99

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to decorate! Tippy Tree is a virtual reality puzzle game that has you decorate the tippiest of trees. Celebrate the holiday season with trinkets aplenty, but be careful – these are some seriously heavy ornaments, and without careful planning, all of your work may come crashing down!



Break through the screen and enter further inside the movie than ever before. Contraverse brings together the best immersive cinematic experiences that will put you in the center of the action, standing shoulder to shoulder with the characters in the movies.

Arca’s Path VR$17.99

Tricked by a wicked android witch, you must seek a path home and escape the simulated world of Arca. Fully integrated across all major VR platforms, with intuitive hands-free gameplay, Arca’s Path is an atmospheric VR gaming experience.

Lost Cave$19.99

At an old cave where ancient ruins lie, an unknown life slowly lurks beneath. Put on your gear, become an adventurer, and explore the caverns filled with many secrets.


Vestige is a room-scale VR creative documentary that uses multi-narrative and volumetric live capture to take the viewer on a journey into the mind of Lisa as she remembers her lost love, Erik. Within an empty void, fragments of past memories appear of their life together. As we navigate the space to explore these moments, new memories are triggered revealing new pathways through the story. Over time the memories become entangled with a haunting vision and eventually lead us to the shocking moment of Erik’s death. Every viewing will reveal a different journey towards this moment, revealing the complex world of memory and grief.



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