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The Must Attend VR Events And Parties During SXSW In March

The Must Attend VR Events And Parties During SXSW In March

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SXSW is one of the biggest festivals in a given calendar year where tech clashes with films, music, and entertainment. This year’s SXSW is suppose to be the biggest one yet with tens of thousands of people flocking into the heart of Austin, Texas.

For the VR enthusiasts and people in the VR industry, we wanted to provide you with the hottest spots to go to during this year’s SXSW event. There will be many VR panels and events happening throughout the course of the festival but the events listed here are a must-attend events.

Capital Factory Future of Technology Lounge 2018

Capital Factory is teaming up with partners, local and global, to create the tech connoisseur’s private oasis during Festival-craziness. Join us for fast wifi, comfy couches, amazing people, and (of course) the craziest, coolest tech Austin has to offer. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, drones, rovers, whaaaaat?!?!?

If you’re a tech CEO, entrepreneur, investor, or just plain nerding out, consider Capital Factory’s Future of Technology Lounge your home away from home.


Friday 3/9 | 4pm – 9pm

Saturday 3/10 | 11am – 9pm

Sunday 3/11 | 11am – 9pm

  • 11am – 5pm | Future of Tech Lounge (5th floor)
  • 2:30pm – 4pm | Intro to the Austin VR (AR/MR) Scene and AMA (16th floor)
  • 6pm – 9pm | Ready for Robots: Developing Drones and Rovers to Enhance Our Cities (5th floor)

Monday 3/12 | 11am – 9pm

Tuesday 3/13 | 11am – 5pm

  • 11am – 5pm | Future of Tech Lounge (5th floor)

Big Fat VR Party (take 2)

Yep. It’s back.

Join Capital Factory and the VR & 360 Video ATX community for the best damn VR party all year. We’ll bring the VR, booze, and food. You bring… you. Oh yeah, and your VR stuff too. We wanna see what you’re creating!

Want to take over one of our roomscale VR booths to demo? Let us know here

Still craving more #AR #VR? Grab a ticket to the Future of Tech Lounge March 10th-13th at Capital Factory

Date and Time

Mon, March 12, 2018

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM CDT

These are events that are free to attend and where you can align with people in the VR industry. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a enthusiast looking to get involved in VR, you are welcome to attend these events for free. We look forward to seeing you there during SXSW in Austin!


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