Home Recap How Modern Restaurant Operators Are Utilizing 360 Video AND Security Cam Footage

How Modern Restaurant Operators Are Utilizing 360 Video AND Security Cam Footage

How Modern Restaurant Operators Are Utilizing 360 Video AND Security Cam Footage

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Most restaurants capture security camera footage. Many service providers exist for these purposes. But how could advanced video technology help make stores more productive and profitable? Consider the below typical management experience:

12:38pm. Sarah is a regional manager in charge of 17 franchised locations for a national brand. Yet another customer complaint just rolled through. A disgruntled customer at store #8 is claiming poor customer service. Apparently, the cashier “physically threatened” the customer.  A response is organized:  reply to the negative review, offer a remedy ($25 gift card), ensure that an investigation and “effective measures” will be taken.

2:12pm. A credit card chargeback is initiated. It was a rather large transaction and, by the looks of it, Sarah’s stores will be on the losing end of this one again. Might not even be worth the time to sort through the video footage to try to fight it.

6:23pm. Cash count doesn’t reconcile. Third time in two weeks. There also seems to be disappearing product from the freezer room all too often.

Solink is a video technology platform that offers remedies to daily management challenges like these. The system connects existing security camera footage to its smart platform.  It archives and tags every transaction in conjunction with POS data (down to the line item and employee).

The platform learns to identify outlying (and potentially problematic) events. It automatically delivers store managers suggested at risk events via a daily email digest. The suggested video clips overlay POS information in conjunction with the video feed.

pos pic1

Solink even measures motion, allowing managers to flag movement in the safe room or freezer room during odd times or at shift close. These events can be automatically emailed at the beginning or end of every day.

Restaurateurs can download the Solink mobile app and put it in 360 video mode.  As the app user turns in any direction to observe the store, they can even see the transactions being rung up in REAL TIME.

The message for business owners is simple: whether you have existing camera systems or not, one location or many, smart platforms like Solink could help you use 360 footage and modern technology to keep costs down and gain an edge.

Click here to schedule a demo of the Solink platform.

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