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Mission Impossible Based Game Is Coming To VR

Mission Impossible Based Game Is Coming To VR

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Nomadic and VRWERX have announced that they will be creating a unique virtual reality game and experience today based on Paramount Pictures’ hit film franchise, Mission: Impossible.

Nomadic is one of the leading immersive entertainment companies in the VR space who are creating unique virtual reality experiences. Nomadic installations are designed to be easily re-configured to support new content and VR adventures. The experiences incorporate physical props, set design and environmental effects into story-driven VR content.

VRWERX is a VR publisher and developer focused on VR Gaming and other 360 experiences. Its first game, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul VR Game (based on the Paramount Pictures’ film franchise) gained big traction for both its in-home success as well as its many popular location-based experiences around the globe. VRWERX previously announced they had commenced development of a VR game inspired by the Mission: Impossible franchise and this new tactile location-based experience will complement the full VR game that will be released in the next year.

“Introducing the Nomadic and VRWERX tactile Mission: Impossible VR walk-around experience marks the next generation of location-based entertainment,” said Doug Griffin, CEO and founder of Nomadic. “We’re thrilled to work with VRWERX and Paramount to bring this beloved franchise to a new form of entertainment.”

“We’re excited to work with the fantastic Nomadic team to bring our Mission: Impossible VR game to their revolutionary platform”, said Alex Barder, VRWERX Co-Managing Partner. “With Nomadic, we’ll not only enable the audience to be immersed in the Mission: Impossible world, they will also be able to touch and play inside of it, heightening their immersion to levels we’ve never seen before.”

“Paramount is committed to providing new ways for audiences to interact with our iconic film franchises,” said Josh Austin, SVP of WW Licensing & Interactive for Paramount Pictures. “We look forward to working with VRWERX and Nomadic to enable fans to test their skills as an IMF agent within the exciting Mission: Impossible universe.”

This new VR experience is set to first debut in Orlando in Spring of 2019 with a full rollout soon after. This will launch as a location based VR game to start.


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