Home news We Might Be Seeing The Largest EVE Online Battle With $1,000,000 Worth Of Spaceships On The Line

We Might Be Seeing The Largest EVE Online Battle With $1,000,000 Worth Of Spaceships On The Line

We Might Be Seeing The Largest EVE Online Battle With $1,000,000 Worth Of Spaceships On The Line

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Remember 4 years ago in 2014 when we all witnessed that humongous space battle in EVE Online where an estimated $300,000 worth of spaceships engaged in an epic battle? Well, that war might be dwarfed tomorrow where an estimated $1,000,000 worth of ships will be engaging in the largest ever virtual space ship battle to date.

In the 2014 battle, 75 Titan class spaceships were destroyed. Titan class spaceships are the largest in the game which costs a lot of money and material to construct in the first place. Both sides had around 80 Titans to start off with. In tomorrow’s battle, it will feature 500 Titans with an estimated 1,000 support capitals and super capitals which is almost 10x the amount.

Why this epic-sized war is happening

In 2014, there were 2 large teams that faced off against one another to decide who the kings were of the EVE universe. The group called The ClusterFuck Coalition (CFC) came out victorious in that battle. After the great war, their leader named The Mittani built the largest and most organized online gaming organization on the internet, according a redditor. The Mittani had over 15,000 members in the group and could instantly summon over 1,000 players to log in to play the game at any given moment.

After conquering the EVE universe, The Mittani started to branch into other games and bargained with developers and studios into giving him something “extra” if he brought the CFC team over. He was successful to do so with titles such as Planetside 2 and H1Z1.

The Mittani decided to take it a step further and work with a famous Sci-Fi author named Jeff Edwards to write about his epic story of what happened in EVE Online. The Mittani launched a $150,000 Kickstarter campaign so that he could pay Edward’s fees but this ultimately was the start of his demise.

His own CFC coalition started to turn on him as he was harassing his members for money according to the EVE online community post. The Mittani never got to achieve the Kickstarter goal and failed to get the book launched. In addition, he wanted to change his team name to ‘The Imperium’ because ClusterFuck Coalition wasn’t a SFW name. So this ultimately put a strain on his team and created a turmoil in his own clan.

After all of these fallout events, the EVE community got together in an attempt to overthrow The Imperium (CFC) from their throne. With the help of the richest EVE Online player named Lenny, they were able to create a new fleet called the Moneybadger Coalition to take all the lands from The Imperium (CFC). In a matter of months, the CFC lands were conquered and The Imperium was forced to retreat from their territories.

Lenny at the time ran a successful online casino website where EVE currency called the ISK could be used to play. But that all came to a stop when EVE Online banned the use of using in-game money as currency for the online gambling site and banned Lenny for violating the rules. Coincidentally, this was around the time when CS:GO was getting in trouble for the gambling scandal. To avoid lawsuits, CCP (creators of EVE Online) froze all of his assets and the Moneybadger Coalition were left to disband.

After some time, The Mittani resurfaced with a message of vengeance on his Twitch channel. He has regathered his Imperium forces (Goonswarm) and has been arming his fleet once again to annihilate the former Moneybadger Coalition (Horde) with his super capital fleets. The Imperium fleet has recently struck down the Moneybadger Forces and a full scale invasion is about to take place. Here’s a quick take on how large and expensive these Titan spaceships are.

When the EVE Online battle will take place

Tomorrow will be the first decisive battle between the two large forces and it will be taking place at 20:00 UTC (12PM PST | 3PM EST). But don’t get your hopes up too much as many community members believe that both sides will be playing it safe rather than throwing their fleets out into the middle of the battlefield. After all, there is an estimated $1,000,000 worth of ships online. But we’ll be keeping an eye out in this massive battle.

Below is the picture of where the great battle will be taking place. This space station is home to many players with large spaceships and will try to attempt to protect this area.

the 1000000 dollar fight zone with space station

closer look at the space station on eve online

Here’s where you can watch the livestream of the epic battle. To note, this battle will be taking place over several hours with everything slowed down. The battle won’t be running at full speed and will be played out at around 1/10 the normal speed for various reasons.


CCP has made an attempt to enter the VR realm by releasing a VR titles called EVE: Valkyrie. But that attempt has come to a bust as they’ve announced that the company will be shutting down their VR-focused offices. However, you can still purchase the title if you so wish.


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