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This Might Be The Best FPS VR Game Mechanics We’ve Seen

This Might Be The Best FPS VR Game Mechanics We’ve Seen

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As many of you know, there are tons and tons of options out there when it comes to FPS VR games. It’s quite a saturated genre of game that becomes almost mundane over time. In some of these FPS VR games, we also notice how clunky things are. This includes the environment, objects, game physics and even guns. But the new VR game mechanics built by Stress Level Zero changes all that.

Body Tracking

In the video above, you can see this new game mechanics differs from any other VR game out there. Stress Level Zero built this program from the ground up where the Vive can detect your body and arm movement. The headset, controllers, and sensors help detect and guess where your neck shoulder, and arms are for body tracking without the need of extra peripheral devices.

In addition, you’ll notice how realistic things move between your arms and weapons. When your gripping things, your avatar moves along with you in a realistic motion rather than seeing a floating hand. You can also cock the gun, have different gun stances, and grip the weapon in different positions.


You’ll also notice how realistic the weapons operate. From the scope, to the kick, to the aiming, everything seems far more realistic and relatable to real life firearms versus traditional FPS VR games.

You can also notice the detail that went into the sound of these weapons. They have a far more pure sound versus some VR games that make your weapon sound like weird animal noises when you shoot out of the barrel of the gun. Every gun has its own unique sound. You can also notice how crisp the muzzle flash looks every time you shoot a bullet out of the gun which is a nice touch to detail.


One of the coolest things about the game physics is how you can warp time. The mechanics literally allows you to move in slow motion and make everything look like your in the Matrix movie. You can hear the slow speed of the bullets and the rounds popping out of the gun as they burst into the air.

The bullets also can create dents in objects which were fired upon. Most VR games show a black dot where you aren’t able to feel any dents but this game physics takes that into consideration and makes real impact with the objects.

Brandon, one of the team members at Stress Level Zero, also states that they offer both smooth locomotion and teleportation. This provides the best of both worlds where the user has the freedom to choose their movement option.

Make sure to check out the full video above and see the potential of this VR game mechanics being used in upcoming FPS games.

UPDATE: it is not an a new game engine but rather new mechanics built on Unity.

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    1. This is from an indy game studio. They’re going for fidelity of movement, not for fidelity of gun functionality like H3VR is.


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