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Microsoft May Be Working On VR Wearable Headset For Xbox One

Microsoft May Be Working On VR Wearable Headset For Xbox One

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Currently, there are more and more competitors entering the gaming industry. Facebook owned Oculus and cellphone makers HTC have created their own gaming consoles compatible to VR.

Virtual reality is garnering a special type of attention with its immersive display technology. The idea of VR has been around for quite awhile but the technology today is capable of immersing gamers into a virtual made world. Game developers have the power to visually stimulate your senses into believe that you’re in a different environment. And with this immersive power, many influential people are coming to back this technology.

Investors today are investing billions into the VR industry even though the market has never truly been tested. Companies like Sony are even gambling on this technology. Recently, Playstation announced the release of PSVR for the PS4 which is a virtual reality wearable headset. PSVR will be compatible with the PS4.

There’s even speculation that Nintendo will be joining the VR race with the NX gaming console debuting next year. There aren’t any hard confirmations around the matter but it can’t be ruled out that Nintendo might be working on the NX console to be compatible with VR technology.


So with most gaming companies releasing their version of a VR wearable headset, it has to come to mind that Microsoft might be coming up with their own VR headset for the Xbox One.

If virtual reality were to succeed, Xbox will be the only major gaming console to not have a VR headset system. This could devastate Microsoft and put them in jeopardy. Also, Xbox can’t afford to lag behind the competition. With all the major platforms becoming VR playable, they would be far behind the competitors in the gaming space.


There might be solid reasoning to why they haven’t touched on this subject matter. One of those reasons can be due to the Hololens. The Hololens is an augmented reality headset that allows you to digitally place things in a physical environment. Microsoft will be the first company to truly test the AR market. If AR technology were to succeed in driving demand, Microsoft will be capitalizing on a grand scale.

Currently, their only hardware product sold in the VR industry is the Xbox controller for the Oculus Rift.

Another reason why Microsoft is staying quiet is because they’re simply waiting. Microsoft may just want to see the sales first before they sell their own device to play it safe.  They can try to catch up and enter the VR wearable race down the road. Besides, Microsoft is already busy with trying to release the Hololens to the consumer market.

Also, there’s only been a minority amount of gamers that’s converted over to VR consoles. Both Oculus and HTC are behind schedule in delivering their wearable headsets. And due to this fact, Xbox might not be in a rush. It’s expected to take several years before sales of VR wearables come to fruition. So Microsoft has a pocket of time before they have to take any action. But don’t be surprised if Xbox announces their own VR headset here in the near future.

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