Home VR News Microsoft Acquires AltspaceVR For Their Upcoming Windows Mixed Reality Platform

Microsoft Acquires AltspaceVR For Their Upcoming Windows Mixed Reality Platform

Microsoft Acquires AltspaceVR For Their Upcoming Windows Mixed Reality Platform

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Microsoft has announced that it has acquired the social VR platform, AltspaceVR to add to their efforts in the upcoming Windows mixed reality platform. The acquisition was for an undisclosed amount. According to Microsoft, they are looking to build the world’s preeminent mixed reality community through AltspaceVR.

“When we announced our closing, a common sentiment was that we were pioneers, if not ahead of our time. People were sad that they wouldn’t be able to see what we could have built together with our community,” said Eric Romo, CEO and Co-Founder of AltspaceVR. “I’m grateful that we get a chance to follow through on the story we started five years ago and see how much farther we can take this technology.”

“With the AltspaceVR team aboard we look forward to building the world’s preeminent mixed reality community,” said Alex Kipman. This is quite a striking revelation as AltspaceVR recently announced that it was shutting down its doors due to a lack of funding. In the meantime, their core team was able to keep it afloat by working part-time on the social VR platform.

“AltspaceVR will stay AltspaceVR. Microsoft is most interested in preserving the current community that uses AltspaceVR to connect and interact with new and old friends. These first few months will focus on fostering our community and making sure AltspaceVR remains a friendly, welcoming and vibrant place to hang out in virtual reality.” – Microsoft

Microsoft is on the brink of releasing their mixed reality platform with several of its partners including:






While they all have various release dates, Microsoft will be coming out with a bang this holiday season. They will be making the most competitive market yet in the VR space with the launch of these new headsets. Samsung in particular with the Odyssey boasts an OLED screen that’s never been seen before within the VR industry. There are now more than 10 different options from major tech manufacturers.

In addition, Microsoft is bolstering up their position to directly compete against Facebook for the next generation of social media through the virtual world. This acquisition was critical and comes at a perfect timing for Microsoft.

All we can say right now is… welcome to the wild wild west.

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