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Meet The Microsoft Hololens

Meet The Microsoft Hololens

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What is it?

The Microsoft Hololens is the first holographic computer of its kind that displays augmented reality. It’s suppose to deliver a holographic experience in real world settings and environments by adding digital enhancements to the physical object or location.

The Hololens is functional by being mounted on your head with a  glass visor in the front. It acts as a headset and delivers a digital aspect to the surrounding environment. And just like all the other VR and AR units coming out soon, it works by transforming the vision through site. The Hololens is also rumored to not only augment your vision but also include a sound element.

For example, if you were getting closer to a digital object such as an engine, it would have the sound queues you’d expect from range and distance. If you were to get further away from the digital engine, it would get quieter. The Hololens is rumored to be purposed as a two sense augmentation device and this functionality would definitely bolster its stance on augmented reality.


HPU (Holographic Processing Unit)

The Hololens might be the first of its kind to introduce a new processing device for a platform called the HPU, short for holographic processing unit. It will deliver specific processing performances needed for digital holographic objects. Silicon is becoming a hotter solution for storage and processing so this particular VR unit will be one of the major products using this latest trend for memory storage.

When you look at the Hololens piece by piece, it’s a fascinating product with capabilities to truly augment our reality with boundless creativity.

So let’s look at some examples demonstrated recently by Microsoft and how it can function in real life settings.


Let’s say you’re running around your house with the Hololens positioned on your head and you wanted a fixed weather center on top of your counter. Well, with the Hololens you’ll be able to do so. You can position a weather widget on your counter to display current and future weather forecasts.

There’s been examples demonstrated in a few videos of other capabilities as well.

augmented reality simulation on table

This particular one for example shows what the Microsoft Hololens can do for you when watching an NFL game such as the Super Bowl. With the ability to augment physical space, the possibilities are endless – as cliche as it sounds. But imagine if you had the control of watching the game in whatever view you pleased; up, down, left, right, it won’t matter. You’d be able to control the angle for perspective.

stats on microsoft hololens

This video also displays another cool possibility with the Hololens. The AR unit can function to provide statistics on certain players out on the field. The imaginary functions with this system is just incredible.

And while this is a limited example of what the Hololens can do, it sheds light on the possibilities of this technology and product.

Future uses

Not only can it serve as a purpose for entertainment but it shows practical uses in places such as the medical field. Think about the possibilities in this realm. A doctor or surgeon could demonstrate how a certain treatment and solution would appear on a person – like skin grafting and titanium bars for insertion, it can be used in a practical way to enhance treatments for patients.

It seems pretty applicable in fields such as architecture and design as well. By being able to display digital structures in a physical environment, an architect can closely monitor how it would visually look. Not only that, but the architect can visualize the structure in three-dimensions. Edits would also be faster through Hololens rather than traditional methods like clay molds or cutouts.


In the design world – specifically apparel in this example, the hololens would be of good use. A designer can create a digital copy of a product and have it digitally placed on a model. The designer can color coordinate and dissect her craft very meticulously. It would also give the designer a quicker way to make edits.

The release

The Hololens project being backed by one of the largest companies in the world definitely bolsters its chances to make a deep impact within our society, enough to disrupt our daily routines. With such tremendous capabilities, the Hololens definitely has a bright future in augmenting our reality.

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