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Meet Skullcandy’s First Immersive VR Headset Crusher VRA

Meet Skullcandy’s First Immersive VR Headset Crusher VRA

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Skullcandy is a brand that represents some of the best headphones whether you’re on the go or snowboarding down a mountain. Skullcandy has a pair of headphones that’ll meet your demands. Recently, Skullcandy has unveiled their solution for the virtual reality users with the Crusher VRA. It essentially transforms your media into reality with stereo haptic bass drivers, ferrofluid (the stuff you see in sci-fi movies), and digital signal processing (DSP).

The Skullycandy Crusher VRA uses some of the latest and greatest technology to fullfill the demands of the VR industry. Audio has truly played a big role in this technology and with these Crusher VRA’s you can experience distance and spread in sound to further immerse you in virtual reality.

skullcandy crusher at vrla

The VR AND FUN test

The Crusher VRA was very comfortable with quality leather stitching and memory foam that molds to your ears. It was very easy to place on top of your head and around the ears without that squeezing discomfort you get from traditional sound blocking headphones.

The Crushers are also wireless giving you the freedom from being tethered. Volume controls are on the side of the headphones and can be adjusted through the touch of the fingers. You move up with your fingers for volume up and and you pull your finger down to decrease the volume. There are colorful LED indicators to show you the volume adjustment levels.

Skullcandy has let us know that you can look forward to its release early next year for you to try out yourself. The VR headphones are perfectly designed to meet the demands of virtual reality integration with audio distance control. It’ll be a perfect combination with the Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift!

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