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Meet Cubit: A Mixed Reality Virtual Design Tool

Meet Cubit: A Mixed Reality Virtual Design Tool

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Plott has recently announced the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for Cubit, a mixed reality virtual design tool. Using a unique measuring tool, Cubit allows creators to visualize, and ultimately realize, their creative projects by gathering, organizing and managing data on their behalf with a single device. Plott combines mixed reality and advances measuring technology to bring imaginative designs to real life.

According to Plott, Cubit was created to encourage creativity and enjoyment in projects by freeing people from complicated calculations and measurements. For this reason, David Xing, CEO and founder of Plott, designed Cubit to bridge between reality and the virtual world; bringing a solution for the entire creative journey.

“We believe measurements and calculations for DIY home design or renovation projects hinder the creativity and enjoyment in the process, and Cubit aims to remove these stressors,” said Xing. “With Cubit, people can focus on how they want their design to look and our mixed reality platform and app delivers the design and plan into reality with real dimensions and context.”

Here are some of the key features:

  • Bring it to Life with Mixed Reality: Cubit is the first measuring tool that can bring your dimensional data to your smart device and also extract it back into the real world after you’ve manipulated it. This means that after you measure your space and arrange it to your liking via the free app, Cubit will guide you to making your design a reality.


  • The App is Your Map: Store all your measurements and projects with the Cubit iOS and Android app. Easily edit your designs, add rooms and incorporate the decoration. You can add features based on actual size, whether that is hanging pictures, changing kitchen cabinets, or pro usages like marking socket placements and windows. Now you have a visual design in a real-life scale that is fully interactive and easily manipulated.


  • Get Virtual: Cubit connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and transmits information in real time. The Cubit app functions as your design center and allows you to become a home designer. It enables you to integrate photos of your actual space to get a feel for how the final project will look using actual background dimensions.


  • Precise Guidance: Once you’ve finalized your design in the app, Cubit assists in making it a reality. For example, after you lay out exactly how you want your photo wall to look, use Cubit to guide you to each point on the wall and where you should put a nail. Simply select the direction to start guidance, which coordinates to start with (horizontal or vertical), and hit guide. Cubit will guide you via the uploaded coordinates to the exact spot in real life.


  • Remove Complexity with Accuracy: Ease of use doesn’t count for anything without accuracy. Cubit has been rigorously tested and undergone prototype redesign to ensure laser accuracy to the industry standard of within 1/8 inch for every 30 feet. The wheel measurer is accurate to .02 percent in lab conditions, so every project is done correctly.


  • Make Multiple Measurements: Cubit features two laser pointers as measurement guides for height and width of a space up to 100 feet. For irregular shapes, Cubit features a dimensioning wheel stabilized with two rolling balls on the underside for smooth gliding on any surface. With Cubit, you can easily measure anything and save it directly to your smartphone.


  • Long Battery Life: The lasting battery is charged through a micro USB on the underside of Cubit. A single charge lasts up to 3,000 readings, so you’ll be prepared for multiple jobs.


  • Read it on the Display: The LCD screen displays all measurement information in real-time and includes a level, directional guidance, battery life, and distance in imperial or metric units.


  • Durability for Any Job: On the job, your tools can ensure harsh conditions. Cubit is made out of ABS plastic to be durable enough to withstand drops.


  • Download or Share Your Designs: With Cubit, you can download the plot of your design and make it your own. Cubit allows users to share and download either their own designs or designs made by content creators. Users can then change the background or constraint of their project and follow Cubit to recreate their design.

During their Indiegogo campaign, Plott will be putting a heavy discount on Cubit.

Indiegogo Campaign Details:
  • Perk 1 – Early Bird
    • Perk Price: $49, Retail Price: $99
    • Includes: Cubit and micro USB charger
  • Perk 2 –  Early Bird
    • Perk Price: $90, Retail Price: $198
    • Includes: two Cubits and two micro USB chargers

What are your thoughts on Cubit and would you use it?

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