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‘The Lost Bear’ Brings A New Style Of VR Gameplay To PlayStation VR

‘The Lost Bear’ Brings A New Style Of VR Gameplay To PlayStation VR

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Odd Bug Studio has just announced their first ever game called The Lost Bear. This new game is described to be a 2D platformer exclusively made for PlayStation VR where you’ll be controlling the narrative of the story in an immersive cinematic setting.

You’ll be playing the game as a young girl named Walnut who sets out to rescue her teddy bear and bring her back home. The player sits inside a 3D diorama, inspired by puppet show theatre, that reflects what’s happening within the game and alters as the game progresses.

“Walnut’s story originates from my little sister, who always wandered off to the woodlands with her teddy bear by her side,” said Daniel Robinson, Game Director at Odd Bug Studio. “She has always inspired me through her bravery and willingness to overcome her fears. And so, this game is all about a young girl called Walnut also overcoming her fears when she is alone in a wondrous, surreal and dangerous world.

The project started at Norwich University of the Arts and ‘Dare to be Digital 2013’ where myself and two close friends wanted to accomplish a dream by creating our very own game. We were inspired both by Limbo and Eastern European puppet shows (our art director Harry is from the Czech Republic) and we teamed up with Fabrik Games to create and release The Lost Bear on PlayStation VR.”

Players will be using the Dualshock 4 motion controllers as the game was designed to create mechanics that didn’t intrude on Walnut’s story, but would give the player control of the 2D environment using the 3D space.

According to Robinson, The diorama, the environment that surrounds the player, was “created to help fully immerse the player into Walnut’s world. It’s a 3D and 2D diorama that mirrors the 2D world; offering a visual language in which it subtly reflects the progress of Walnut through the game.”


The Lost Bear is set to release next month on the PlayStation store. Make sure to keep the game in mind as it sounds like an intriguing story with a unique way of playing the game on the PSVR.

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