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Linden Lab Looks To Open A Beta To Sansar In 2017


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Sansar is an upcoming project by Linden Lab where people will have the freedom to an open virtual world with limitless possibilities. Think  of it as a blank 3D canvas where we’ll have access to Lego like pieces to build the virtual world of your dreams. I guess it’s somewhat similar to Minecraft but just on a more grand scale and better graphics.

In this newly released video by Linden Labs, you can see how it’ll implement VR technology into this virtual world. By scripting and programming, you can develop worlds of your own, which then can be published on to Sansar. In these worlds, you’ll be able to interact with others and essentially thrive with the virtual community.

Linden Labs isn’t a stranger to building digital worlds. Prior to Sansar, the company has built a successful virtual world called Second Life where users socialized, gathered, and created using free voice and text chat. The game even came up with social currency that could be valued for real money. It was quite an interesting concept.

The company has promised that Sansar will make it’s debut to the public sometime in 2017 where VR users can experience the true “VR life.” The beta to the virtual world will be available some time in the spring of 2017. This will be an interesting concept to see when it gets released to the public.

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