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LIFESTYLE: How Coachella 2017 Is Making New Standards

LIFESTYLE: How Coachella 2017 Is Making New Standards

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VR & FUN had an opportunity to team up with Coachella in covering this year’s festival in the beautiful city of Indio, California. While hundreds of thousands of people gathered around in the scorching desert, a bit of magic came to life.

Young adults from all over the world represented their individuality by showcasing their unique sense of style, spirit and their enthusiasm for music. While there were so many people crammed in a small vicinity (when we mean small we mean 100,000 plus people in a couple mile radius), individuals seemed to stand out from the crowd.

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Coachella has a multi-discipline love for music bringing in artists from all over the world. We get to see most music genres represented through amazing artists such as Lady Gaga, Glass Animals, Marshmello, Martin Garrix, Kendrick Lamar, and more. Even super star artists such as Drake and A$AP Rocky made an appearance on stage to entertain the rocking crowd.

The environment itself was also breathtaking. Coachella hired artists to decorate the landscape with outlandish fixtures on the festival grounds. We witnessed tall, extraordinary designs that you might find in video games.

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And with these unique structures, it made Coachella that much more surreal, as if we were in a completely different world (something that VR is striving to achieve). The remarkable pieces of architecture were truly a magnet of attraction for the festival goers.

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When people talk about re-imagining an experience for the future, they should take into consideration some of the aspects that Goldenvoice has done with Coachella. With redefining ingenuity, the company has made Coachella the nation’s most popular music festival (for good reasons). People flock to the desert for this unbelievable experience and get to see performances in an imaginative way. Coachella 2017 was as if it put on in a virtual reality space. People were lively, the scenic was beautiful, and the music was enticing.

VR & FUN will be attending several music festivals this year to showcase the imaginative worlds that organizations have created but it’ll be hard pressing for anyone to come close to Goldenvoice with Coachella 2017.

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