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Launch Those VR Furballs

Launch Those VR Furballs

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The idea of launching a ball to break or knock things over is quite satisfying. Yet, it isn’t recommended because well… you will break things and that can be expensive. But in VR, that isn’t an issue so we’d like to introduce you to VR Furballs.

Created by Gamily Studios, is a VR physics-based demolition puzzle game. in this game you will get to meet some cute furry creatures called Furballs in their colorful and cartoony virtual world. You will have to help them deliver all their friends by demolishing the evil Baddies and their constructions.

VR Furballs features 54 levels, 12 weapons / accessories, 6 additional mini-games, and a Level Editor. It also includes a party mode which will allow you to play with others.

Key Features

– Unreal Engine 4 physics engine based demolition
– 54 unique Levels
– 9 playable Furballs with their special abilities
– 6 Weapons
– 6 Accessories
– 6 Mini-games
– Take Photos and Selfies in 5 colorful Environments
– Toggle the Bullet time for a few seconds
– Play as a Giant or Tiny Furball
– Build your own levels in the Level Editor
– Per Mini-game/Level and per Weapon Achievements and Leaderboards
– A Party Mode to have fun with family / friends


– SLINGSHOT: A precise and powerful weapon.
– SPORTING EQUIPMENT: Tennis Racket, Baseball Bat and Golf Club.
– GUN: A precious weapon that will greatly help you defeat King Baddy.
– CONTROLLERS: Yeah, it’s kind of a weapon if you’re good at throwing.
– HEAD: Did you know you can also do headers?


– RADAR: It will scan the area to show you where the Baddies are.
– DRONES: They let you place your Furball precisely, very useful to prepare the perfect shot.
– CAMERA: Selfie!!! Beware… those photos will auto-destroy if you don’t frame them! But don’t worry, they are all preciously saved on your computer.
– BULLET TIME: Slowing down time for a couple of seconds can be very powerful! So powerful that it will need a few seconds to recharge.
– MUSHROOMS: Pink for small, Blue for big. Just eat them you tiny giant!


– SHOOTING RANGE: Shoot as many targets as possible in 60 seconds.
– HIT THE BOMB: Hit the bombs the drones are throwing at you. The fifth you miss will be the last.
– WHACK-A-MOLE: Whack as many fake Baddies you can in 60 seconds. Please don’t whack the nice Swatties.
– BASKETBALL: Score as many baskets as you can in 60 seconds.
– GOBLET TOSS: Throw Weedy on the colorful goblets. It will get harder and harder as there will be more and more dark deadly goblets.
– BALLOON FEST: Explode as many balloons as possible in 60 seconds.

VR Furballs is available for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive for $5.99. You can also try out the demo of the game for free. While it is quite reminiscent of Angry Birds, it also provides a different layer that makes the game its own. Check it out for yourself.

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