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Latest Adventure Game from Spectral Illusions: Astral Domine

Latest Adventure Game from Spectral Illusions: Astral Domine

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astral domine on htc vive

The fun and experience comes alive! It’s man’s pursuit for new things and great ideas that brings about more innovations and advancement in technology.  Today more people of all ages from different parts of the world want to experience virtual reality games. The market’s demand for these game is at it’s all time high.  People are on the lookout for new and better games to satisfy their senses and bring them a step further in what virtual reality can offer. A vision that started in the 1950’s, to bring computers to the next age of graphics display, comes alive today as a user-friendly technology for gaming enthusiasts alike.

Spectral Illusions a Digital Animation Studio founded in 2012 by Director Rob Ostir and Producer Kerry McCarn-Ostir started with its main line on video illusions for haunted attractions soon ventured into virtual reality game development. Today, they offer their services to clients and first time users of VR through free trials of their games.

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Their latest game Astral Domine is an adventure packed exploration and puzzle game experience. It’s a single interactive adventure game that crash lands the gamer to explore an ancient alien kingdom. Faced with the challenge to retrieve an energy sphere to power their space ship out of the alter universe. One has to shoot light balls to interact with the environment. The scene is an inhabited world filled with flying insects, lots of creatures and mechanical monsters. It uses the HTC Vive’s positional-tracked controllers as guns firing orbs to dispatch the enemies.

The game works well with HTC Vive and light gun controllers to play. The HTC Vive special features lessens the effect of motion sickness as well as the high tech features during interaction makes the experience more enjoyable. For best gaming experience your PC should have a high memory operating system, a Vive HMD, motion controllers and a compatible headset. They recently released an updated version of the control system which is easier to use helping the player to track space and maneuver in different directions. In navigating with the directional updated version, hold the controller in the correct hand and allow the arrows to show you which way to move forward. As you pull the left trigger, it would also work best to stand or sit within the orange arrow. The last tip is to cause any objects in the ship to touch the blue energy ball in the center console.

Aside from the good reviews and high ratings from the gamers, it is also recommended for minors. The graphics and design is also commendable with the overall amazing performance of the game.

The fun and experience never stops in the virtual reality world. It continues to grow globally bringing out the creativity and imagination of every player from all ages.   The best is yet to come from developers such as Spectral Illusions as they are on the move to bring out the best gaming experience to virtual reality.

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