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Kingdom of Blades Mixes The Fun Elements Of Animation And History

Kingdom of Blades Mixes The Fun Elements Of Animation And History

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Kingdom of Blades by Chesstar Studios is a unique VR game on the HTC Vive that combines the fun elements of animation and history.

The VR game features a cartoon-like rendition of the famous Three Kingdoms era in China where users will have to slice their way to win the game. Kingdom of Blades playstyle mechanics resembles that of Fruit Ninja where you use your sword to cut down enemies in a fixed location.

Users will be playing as a front line warrior in the Three Kingdoms Period of China and will face off against a horde of enemies. You’ll even have to face off against the most distinguished generals to claim your fame and glory.

Game Mechanics

1. A variety of enemies and challenges await you in each level. All paired with dynamic backgrounds and music to bring an immersive three kingdoms experience.

2. Wield the weapons of notable war heroes to dominate the battlefield. A mixture of duel wielding, shields and special abilities combine to give players the best in VR swordplay.

3. Zhangjiao, Dongzhuo and Caocao are but a few of the many signature bosses waiting for you on the battlefield. Each with their own unique abilities and voice lines, prepare to face off against the most famous generals and warriors in the history of China.

4. Hone your skills and aim for the top of the global leaderboards. Who will ultimately claim the title of the King of Blades?

5. Share your story with friends and capture the best moments in combat with the in-game selfie feature. Personalize your experience by collecting the masks of fallen generals.

6. Abilities and weapons are all hidden away in golden eggs scattered across the battlefield. Test your luck, smash one open and see what you’ll find.


There are various modes in Kingdom of Blades. One is called Chapter Mode where you essentially play out the storyline. Chapter Mode consists of 3 chapters with 4 levels in each.

The other mode is called Endless Mode where you have to see how long you can survive the waves of enemies with increasing difficulty.

The game will feature 3 unique bosses with their own unique abilities, voice lines, and minions. Players will have access to different tools, components, and enhancements throughout the game that will assist you.

You can dual-wield in the game, arm yourself with shields, and even combine special abilities to enhance your character. Slicing through enemies will generate energy for you to use in casting special abilities.

Available Now

Kingdom of Blades is available now on Viveport for $9.99. The game is well priced and features fun, enjoyable content. Make sure to check it out if you’re in the mood for slashing up some bad guys.


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