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Kind Heaven Will Be The Next Big Immersive Attraction Coming To Las Vegas

Kind Heaven Will Be The Next Big Immersive Attraction Coming To Las Vegas

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We’ve seen plenty of attractions use VR and AR technology over the past few years. From Universal Studios to the worlds biggest attraction called East Science Valley in China, they have all incorporated the technology to entertain thousands of guests. But now, a new immersive attraction called Kind Heaven is coming Las Vegas.

We know Vegas to be a tourist destination famous for its clubs and casinos. But now, it’ll be home to a state of the art facility in the Caesars Entertainment–owned LINQ promenade. Kind Heaven will leverage state-of-the-art RF technology, holographic mixed reality, and advanced wearable tech to not only create a personalized experience for each visitor, but also a cash-free environment enabling frictionless food, beverage and retail sales.

Kind Heaven was founded by Lollapalooza’s founder and Jane’s Addiction frontman, Perry Farrell, prolific film producer, Cary Granat and special effects legend, Ed Jones.

Kind Heaven at the LINQ Promenade will provide a wide variety of experiences exploring the culture of Southeast Asia, from dark and mysterious back alleys to a Forest Temple and beautiful Sanctuary. Kind Heaven will be family-friendly by day and adult at night, offering a 360-degree sensory, kaleidoscopic journey, including the best in music, food, danger, fashion, exploration, mystery and spiritual enlightenment.

We had the chance to catch up with Cary Granat, CEO of Immersive Artistry and Kind Heaven. Granat explained to us that they are “creating a portal to where we think is the incredible values, culture, spirituality, music, food, art, of Southeast Asia. Kind Heaven for us it not just a destination in Las Vegas but it’s really a movement to discover artists, bring them over and help them curate their careers.”

Granat comes from a highly experienced background in Hollywood. He was the former president of Miramax and have had years of experience on big budget productions. And with that under his belt, Granat felt compelled to move forward and be a part of the next big movement in immersive technology.

“I’ve had the great honor of being part of over fifty five films. The film is a passive experience and as someone who loves film I wanted to be part of a next gen environment that was not passive but active where you could be part of the narrative emotionally connecting to the relevancy of what you were watching.

So for me the next step logically after a lot of the 3D initiatives that we have done with cameras and others was how do we create a business that really puts you in something like Westworld (the TV show). How do you put yourself in it rather than simply watching it passively.

So for us the idea was not to use VR and AR headsets but to use a series of technologies dynamic sets, atmospheric effects, new sound technologies, new wearable technologies where you really are transported in the vision of stepping through the screen and into the environment that would come to light.”

Kind Heaven is set to open in August of 2019 with several pop ups leading up to the grand opening. This will be one of the biggest immersive attractions and will be available to experience for millions of tourists who visit the Sin City.

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