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Kevin Spacey Reveals Why Virtual Reality is Important

Kevin Spacey Reveals Why Virtual Reality is Important

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Kevin Spacey VR interview

What Kevin Spacey thinks about VR

Kevin Spacey is well-known actor from movies such as American Beauty and the more recent show called House of Cards on Netflix. He’s won many awards and is known for his well though out stances in matters of topic. Recently, he was on an interview discussing the topic of virtual reality. When the interviewer asked him his thoughts, Kevin Spacey made numerous points to why virtual reality will be important going into the future.

Kevin Spacey: I am a believer. Imagine that you can buy a ticket to be on the sidelines of a live football game as its happening. That’s going to happen.

Now let’s imagine this scenario. Instead of watching from the traditional camera angle, you could be in the trenches with your favorite sports teams. This could take sport spectating up a notch from the current standard. It would allow you to feel the intensity with a more intimate vision as well.

This type of perspective can lead to fans feeling like a part of the team as you are watching the game just as they are, from the sidelines. This is something the media will buy into as if offers a new and exclusive perspective for spectators to become more involved with a game.

Kevin Spacey goes onto explain the use of virtual reality in education, something we never thought of.

Kevin Spacey: The classroom is probably the single space that we all know, that has not changed at all since the beginning of time… Imagine if we can bring the best teachers in the world into that classroom. A child could put on a headset and suddenly be at the bottom of the Ocean studying science, or be in the Globe Theater watching actors rehearsing in the 16th Century, or be in the Sydney Opera House while a concerts happening.

This really does allow us to bring better education to regions around the world that’s lacking good teachers and methods of education. Students are receptive to visual stimulations. With VR technology, students can become more immersed in science, art, and other verticals in education that can excite them and help them better understand.

Expect Kevin Spacey to integrate VR technology into his art which is acting and movies.

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