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In Depth Review Of WingSuit VR Game

In Depth Review Of WingSuit VR Game

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One of the most popular VR simulation game, WingSuit gives the player an experience of flying on high altitude. It is a freefalling extreme sport on a wingsuit and an exhilarating adventure from high altitude towards the ground.

wingsuit vr on google play

The game takes place in a scenario overlooking canyons, mountain lakes, and treetops. This 3D virtual reality technology game was created by Deus Craft Academy. It is compatible to the Samsung Gear and the Oculus Rift. Currently, there are many games that simulates the world of gliding and WingSuit VR is a well deserved title to play and observe this simulation.

Other VR headsets such as Google cardboard for beginners and Fibrum which is completely wireless are also compatible, where in it gives the user an option to play on a first or third person player. It can also be directly download to android and blackberry mobile phones. Use of smartphone’s built-in gyroscope is needed to mainly control the flight. The experience of flying with at fastest speed and aerodynamics offers the player a natural exhilarating experience. It has ten level courses that progresses and unlocks one after the other. As you get higher in level of course, the game becomes more challenging. A one man game, the player must be good in maneuvering to change flight direction and change altitude to score. An added game feature is a flight mode selection to choose from between a virtual reality mode or a normal mode. More bonus points is achieved based on meters flown, distance, and successful landings.

This VR sports game has high ratings and suitable for minors. The game has an amazing sense of realism and lots of fun according to users. Its tech trick technology experience from the developer is amazing and falling in a nature real like environment is close to the real sport. The real one seems terrifying and scary so this VR game can be considered the best alternative without the risk. But of course, who wouldn’t want the excitement of a “Man Bird Flying”, the move of falling rapidly under the force of gravity and to immerse oneself in an accelerated free fall in the VR world with a quick progression is awesome. This game would be memorable for every gamer because outdoor games would always be an adventure but extreme outdoors sports can be a rare experience that entails training, a lot of practice that entails more expense and high risk than having the same experience of a VR game at home. VR games just like any other sports would also be a learning experience for a player to be more focus, objective and result oriented on how to win the game. It makes us alert and keen in the environment to avoid any distractions.

To become responsible for our action and its consequences. There is no stopping in the Virtual world for more real life experience as more games are created, more innovations and technology are coming out regardless of the price, plus its huge market potential all over the world there will be continuous growth in the virtual reality industry. To test it yourself, go check out the game at the Google Play Store. We hope you enjoy your flight through the mountains and terrains!

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  1. Kind of dumb implementation. To get maximum glide, necessary to clear obstacles you must point the display way up. Then you can’t see where you’re going.
    A wingsuit is an inefficient glider. Can never go up.

    Took quite a while to figure things out, too. Long string of immediate crashes. No instruction about how things work.


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