Home VR Experience Here’s The In-Depth Look Of Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill With Smarter Everyday

Here’s The In-Depth Look Of Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill With Smarter Everyday

Here’s The In-Depth Look Of Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill With Smarter Everyday

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Destin from Smarter Everyday has recently launched a new series on YouTube where he explores the world of virtual reality and the companies that are currently developing new products for the platform. Just a couple weeks ago he visited HaptX who is working on some amazing haptic feedback gloves. Now, he has met up with the Infinadeck team to check out the omnidirectional treadmill made specifically for VR.

Infinadeck is the world’s first commercially-viable omnidirectional treadmill.  This patented product allows users to naturally walk in any direction and, when paired with a VR headset, creates a personal holodeck experience that will allow you to take a stroll through vast, immersive new worlds.

The treads on the bottom move in both an x and y-axis giving you the sensation of moving around freely. You will have the ability to move in 360 while being tracked with the Vive Tracker. The sensors determine where you are in the virtual world and can recreate your physical height through it.

But with any prototype, there are many challenges to overcome. the Infinadeck is not perfect yet by any means. The team needs to come up with further tracking solutions and that doesn’t seem so far away. According to Destin, all the team needs to do is tweak some math and coding which will get them to the commercially viable product that the Infinadeck team is aiming for.

Another suggestion was made by a YouTube user named Kevin Loughin who stated, “The missing piece is some kind of kinetic sensing in the treadmill itself. If it could sense the slight shift in force when you begin to move instead of relying solely on the position of your body, they could close the gap.”

Infinadeck Omnidirectional Treadmill Features:

  • 360-degree moving floor allows for true and natural movement
  • Active wireless control system instantly reacts to movements
  • No harness, special shoes, or hardware required
  • Seamlessly Integration with VR software and hardware
  • Link multiple units for game play, training, or collaboration

As you see Destin testing how the omnidirectional treadmill, you start to understand how amazing this device really is. It can truly bring out the best sides of VR with an immersive experience that is coordinated through the peripheral device which allows you to freely move around the virtual world with actual physical movement.

Just think how fun VR would be using the omnidirectional treadmill with the HaptX gloves and the TPCast wireless transmitter. This can all happen within the next few years and we are gladly looking forward to this day.

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