Home VR News ILMxLAB Collaborating With The Great Britain Campaign On An Immersive Fashion Showcase And LiveCGX Technology

ILMxLAB Collaborating With The Great Britain Campaign On An Immersive Fashion Showcase And LiveCGX Technology

ILMxLAB Collaborating With The Great Britain Campaign On An Immersive Fashion Showcase And LiveCGX Technology

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London College of Fashion’s, Innovation Agency (FIA) and ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment division, have collaborated to digitally enhance steventai’s AW18 presentation taking place on the 18th February 2018 and hosted by the GREAT Britain Campaign at the stunning Durbar Court within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, central London.

Guests to the show will witness the global debut of LiveCGX, ILMxLAB’s performance-driven digital augmentation technology, plus the digital transformation of not only the venue itself but also pieces from the collection. Working closely with Steven Tai on his London Fashion Week showcase, this collaboration marks the culmination of a 2-year exploration between FIA and ILMxLAB for the potential application of immersive technologies within the fashion industry.

“Immersive technologies are leading us to a new narrative for the fashion industry. Imagine a world where you can augment everything from the clothes that you’re wearing to the environment that surrounds you, in real-time. That is the glimpse into the future that this technology offers us. LiveCGX will force us to redefine what we experience in fashion today, allowing for creative possibilities where we are limited only by our imagination. We are thrilled to bring this experience to life at this incredible venue with the support of the GREAT Britain Campaign,” says Matthew Drinkwater, Head of Fashion Innovation Agency.

This initiative highlights the pioneering nature of an industry which contributes £28billion to the UK economy and supports 880,000 jobs according to their report.

With LiveCGX from ILMxLAB, artists create their own extension of these worlds by controlling special visual effects in live, improvisational performances with real-time computer graphics. This creates impossible artistic expressions only realized using ILMxLAB’s unique combination of cutting-edge techniques and technologies.

“What is exciting about this collaboration with steventai and London College of Fashion’s Innovation Agency is the opportunity to bring the stories and worlds that have inspired Steven’s designs to life by exploring augmented live performance as a means of sparking intimate and compelling relationships with the people and characters who inhabit those worlds,” says Vicki Dobbs Beck, ILMxLAB’s executive in charge.

ILMxLAB’s mission is to have people step inside their stories, creating amazing worlds through pioneering immersive entertainment.

“Fashion is about storytelling,” according to designer Steven Tai. “It’s about representing a concept, to sell a dream, or just selling an idea that is close to the designer’s heart. Having a digitally augmented presentation this season allows us, and our guests, to achieve and experience things beyond our physical possibilities.”

Audiences for the first time will see two steventai-designed garments on digital screens, driven by a live model and ILMxLAB’s unique LiveCGX technology. This will represent the first step towards a new type of live performance connecting real-time visual effects and human drive expression.

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