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Hulu Will Be Releasing 2 Exclusive VR Shows

Hulu Will Be Releasing 2 Exclusive VR Shows

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Hulu is one of the premiere subscription based video services on the current market. And with subscription based TV services shifting over to the online/mobile platform, Hulu only looks to get bigger. Recently, they have announced the release of 2 exclusive shows for the VR market.

The first show will be called The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality. Hulu plans to release a daily news program that’ll be led by RYOT Studios. They have committed to 10 of these episodes thus far.

The other program is called Virtually Mike And Nora. This particular VR TV Show will be comedy driven by Nora Kirckpatrick (most famously known from the Greek on ABC) and Mike O’Brien (most famously known as one of the writers on Saturday Night Live). Hulu has committed to 5 episodes thus far for Virtually Mike and Nora.

VR TV shows have yet to be tested by the bigger companies because there isn’t a solid audience base. Also, the way the audience watches in VR is quite different than the way we watch normal TV shows. With a live VR audience, the communication, interactions, and the motions become a lot different from the traditional medium. Without the research and fan base, only a few have dared to launch a VR TV series. But Hulu looks to become one of the pioneers in providing the VR community with a legitimate TV series.

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However, With the projected estimations of the growing VR industry, we believe that more companies will try experimenting and catering to the virtual reality enthusiasts. We hope the best outcome for Hulu and the 2 new upcoming VR series! Expect the launch of The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality and Virtually Mike And Nora in the near future on all Samsung Gear VR headsets.

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