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HTC’s Viveport Announces Viveport Developer Awards

HTC’s Viveport Announces Viveport Developer Awards

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Today, on August 25,2015, HTC’s Viveport team announced something special for the virtual reality community, the Viveport Developer Awards (VDAs). This exclusive awards program will showcase and reward VR creators for their creations. Currently, the Viveport team is ready to award winners with $500,000 in cash and prizes.

With what Viveport is trying to achieve on all fronts including, education, science, videos, movies, games, and etc. it’s an encouragement from HTC’s side to reward the creators and innovators. “The VDAs are an important way in empowering developers to define the future of VR,” said Rikard Steiber, SVP of Viveport.

With so many incentives, Viveport is looking to be a catalyst in the movement of VR creation and technology. HTC is a front runner amongst the VR giants in creating and innovating the community. These awards will add a cherry on top in creating rapid movement for the community. It’s a realization now that VR can affect communities outside of gaming. We recently witnessed InsiteVR getting funded for their innovation to improve the real estate community. We also saw TheWave VR get funded for their creative music platform. There are many communities that are starting to be disrupted with VR innovation and technology.

How you can partake in the Viveport Developer Awards

Any title that gets published on to the Viveport platform may be eligible for consideration for the prizes and awards. You must also meet the terms and conditions of the contest. There’ll be five nominees elected per category for the consideration of the prizes. They’ll be judged on customer engagement and the virtual reality experience. So we hope you develop something that creates quality experience for the VR users. Final prizes will be awarded in early 2017-time frame. So contestants have a viable time to ramp up and engage in creating something unique for the VR world.

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The Beta version for the Viveport has opened today for developers and content creators. Viveport is only live in China for the time being. There are already 7,000 registered developers in the Viveport community and it’s rapidly growing. So if you haven’t yet registered, it’ll be a good time to do so.

We’re looking forward to the creative minds developing some amazing immersive content for the Viveport community. This project will definitely push the VR community forward with acknowledgeable content on all fronts from education, science, games, to video content. You can look forward to more announcements coming soon from the Viveport camp.

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