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HTC Vive Offering 50% Discount On These Scary Viveport VR Games For Halloween

HTC Vive Offering 50% Discount On These Scary Viveport VR Games For Halloween

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With Halloween just around the corner, what better way is there to celebrate than to play some scary VR games. And to indulge us with some content, HTC Vive has launched a 50% discount program on many top-selling VR horror games through November 1st.

Below is a quick rundown and description on the games that are on sale through Viveport:

Albino Lullaby $5.00

Albino Lullaby is a VR horror adventure game that doesn’t rely on scary jumps or gore. Rather, users will have to escape a surreal, psychological nightmare set in a dark and macabre Victorian town that clings to the precipices of underground cliffs.

Users will have to discover the hidden spaces haunted by ‘The Grandchildren’ as you uncover clues to understanding just where and what you are. You’ll experience twists and turns at every turn as you unravel the twisted narrative and story to the game.

Emily Wants To Play$2.50

Emily Wants to Play takes place in an abandoned home as you get there to simply deliver some good tasting pizza (you’re a pizza delivery boy). You arrive there at 11PM and are on the last house on your route to freedom. But you start to notice some weird things about this house.

For instance, the front door is opened with the lights on. But the windows are all boarded up and the grass seems to be overgrown. The owners simply don’t take care of their property it seems. And to make the situation worse, it’s bad weather outside. So you simply walk into the house and the door slams shut behind you. Now you must find your way out before you run into Emily and her three dolls.

So much for a simple pizza delivery run.


Flatline allows you to feel what an actual near-death experience or ‘Flatline’ is through the use of virtual reality. In the first episode, you’ll be placed in the eyes of Gloria Hipple who has experienced a ‘Flatline’ first-hand, in her own words.

Flatline also features world-renowned experts such as Cardiologist Dr. Pim Van Lommel, Psychologist Dr. Susan Blackmore, and Spiritualist Dr. Diane Corcoran. They will try and explain what happened to Gloria during this phase.

Grave VR$9.99

Grave VR is a surrealist virtual reality horror experience where light is your only tool for survival. Designed specifically from the ground up for intuitive motion controls, Grave VR presents a unique chance to feel the white-knuckle tension of being inside your worst nightmare.

Haute & Haunted$1.48

In Haute & Haunted, a Hollywood starlet goes missing. You must follow her as she experiences the paranormal while exploring an abandoned mansion. Users will be taking a front row seat as haunting models showcase the latest in Haute Couture Fashion.


Obscura isn’t the traditional scary VR game and brings a refreshing new take where you try to hunt down evil souls with your cross and a camcorder. You’ll be facing a relentless and almost invisible entity that can only be seen through the camcorder which you wield on your right hand. Obscura will be testing your senses in the virtual world to track down the evil soul.

Another unique point about Obscura is that the story is fully randomized and unpredictable. Every new session will be new and refreshing. So if you are into scary VR experiences, Obscura might be up your ally. The game is available today on the Oculus Rift.

Speed and Scream$2.50

Speed and Scream will take you on various rollercoaster rides in a virtual environment. It features 4 distinct rides including:

Traveller (Synced wih music track)
Distant world where our laws of physics on longer apply that can be only explored with a V8 powered hovercraft.

Warp Drive (Synced wih music track)
See how fast can you go, on the moon surface with low gravity, no air resistance. Can you reach warp speeds?

Fall Out
This facility once produced electricity for nearby town, now is all but devoid of life and purpose …. except, there is a ride now.

Bloody Mists
Visit the realm of the dead and experience it’s loneliness.

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