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HTC Vive Goes Wireless with TPCast Upgrade Kit

HTC Vive Goes Wireless with TPCast Upgrade Kit

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TPCast’s wireless upgrade kit for the HTC Vive has begun shipping in China, after being halted at “pre-order” (exclusively in China) since November 2016. (Check out our initial article on the upgrade kit here).

The adapter is said to be making its way West for Q2 of 2017.

In the past couple days, TPCast China launched a promo video which essentially parodies the old, tethered models and displays how much more seamless VR experiences can be once the wires are removed. Check it out below:

At CES, which took place in January 2017, HTC demoed the new device and announced the TPCast solution would go on sale in the US for $249. That price includes headset’s wireless receiver, transmitter and a battery capable of up to 90-120 mins run time. A larger 5 hour battery will be available too, as an upgrade.

The TPCast wireless add-on places a wireless receiver/breakout box and battery on the headset itself. Check out the video below, which breaks down the details of how the kit attaches and functions.

Earlier today, we featured the wireless Pico Goblin headset, which will be debuting at E3 next month. At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if Oculus’ Santa Cruz project releases a wireless HMD as well. One thing’s for sure: the future of VR is untethered.

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  1. Strapping that giant mess of wires and plastic and gizmos onto your head might be fun for a few minutes of gee-whiz excitement, but that’s about it. Looks even less like a production-ready consumer device than the regular Vive.

    1. What’s an anti-vr troll doing on a vr site? Like hanging out at a gay bar and telling everyone you’re not gay. Actions speak louder than words.


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