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HTC Releases New VR Headset Today Called Link

HTC Releases New VR Headset Today Called Link

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HTC is launching a Japanese exclusive VR headset called the HTC Link which is designed to be used in conjunction with their latest U11 smartphone. The Link will be the first smart-phone based VR headset capable of six degrees-of-freedom tracking.

By connecting HTC’s flagship model “HTC U11” with the USB type-C dedicated VR head mount display “LINK” (sold separately), each body We offer immersive (6 DoF support) mobile VR experience with overwhelming presence. By the HTC ‘s “VIVE” enjoyed on PC until now, the VR experience compatible with 6 DoF can be enjoyed simply by connecting to the smartphone terminal by the excellent performance of HTC U 11. Moreover, by installing a high-performance CPU and VR lens, it became possible to instantaneously synchronize the movement of the VR viewing screen and the body. By reducing the discrepancy between the VR screen and the vision of the customer, it is easy to enjoy to enjoy the experience for a long time. In addition, the lineup of rich VR content which HTC has cultivated so far will be developed sequentially in LINK, and it will be available to a wide range of customers.

The headset comes bundled with two compatible controllers which seem to have lights on them (similar to Sony’s PlayStation VR) and an external sensor camera to track the motion of the lights.

htc link headset

The Link includes two 3.6-inch 1080 x 1200 LCD panels with a 90Hz refresh rate. The headset also has a 110 degree field of view. The U11’s display is not housed within the headset itself; both devices connect via a USB-C cable. The headset itself will weight 554g.

LINK product spec
Head Mound Display Size Approximately 197.69 mm (width) x 116.61 mm (height) x 167.33 mm (depth)
Head mounted display weight 554 g (provisional value) * USB (Type-C) Including Y cable
Viewing angle About 110 degrees
Head mounted display battery About 2,800 mAh
display Approximately 3.6 inches Amored X 2
(1080 x 1200 pixels each, 90 Hz refresh rate)
External connection USB (Type-C) Y cable, 3.5 mm audio jack
Bundled items Stereo camera One
6DoF controller Two
LED Marker for HMD One
Strap for controller Two
Alkaline AAA battery 4
earphone One
Compatible models HTC U 11

HTC pointed out that the Link is not a Vive product. They also confirmed that the release would be restricted solely to Japan, and that they have no plans to widen its distribution at the current moment.

Content-wise, HTC announced that they’ll be teaming up with the popular anime Ghost in the Shell for a new experience for their new product.

ghost in the shell arise on htc link

The Link’s launch comes at a critical time. Last week Google announced it was partnering with HTC to make new standalone VR headsets with 6DOF tracking. HTC plans to release a new member of the Vive family under this partnership later this year running on Google’s Daydream ecosystem. The HTC Link might be providing a general outline for the technology that’ll be used for the upcoming Google Vive VR headset.

htc link vs google vive

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