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How Virtual Reality Desktops Might Change Our Lives

How Virtual Reality Desktops Might Change Our Lives

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As technology improves, we see many things become inferior or obsolete. One great example of this would be computer monitors and TVs.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s, most people around the world were using monitors and TV’s lit by some sort of lamp. They were bulky in the back that took up immense space. So many intelligent individuals and inventors found a revolutionary way to cut down on that precious space. They discovered that TV’s could be lit and powered by LED.

bulky tv builky-monitor

This new discovery led to our society abandoning the giant TV’s and monitors for the slimmer version. And while it didn’t happen over night, our society did abandon this inferior product over time.

led-tv samsung-led-monitor

So virtual reality is testing the waters now to see if the same will occur through the virtual reality desktop. There are a few companies out there that are creating and improving the virtual reality desktop platform through wearables such as the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift.

Why someone might use a virtual reality desktop

A reason why someone MIGHT use a virtual desktop is to have a more in-depth experience while maintaining a good sized resolution. You can distance or get up-close to the desktop at a whim of a flick. The desktop can appear to be the size of an IMAX screen or be as small as a pixel. It’s a versatile program.

Another positive feature we noticed with using a virtual desktop is the line of sight. Even if you were to tilt your head, you can have the desktop follow your line of sight. Say for instance you wanted to lay in your bed and use your desktop. Well, this can be done with a virtual desktop powered by a wearable headset.

Why someone might not use a virtual reality desktop

The reason why someone MIGHT NOT use it is because it can be a hassle. Having your eyes fully immersed into a headset doesn’t give you the ability to see the physical space around you. We definitely imagined some bad case scenarios of where you reach for your water and accidentally tip if over. This is definitely something we would do over at VR and Fun.

Using the virtual desktop also constrains the amount of human interaction you can have with your peers if they were to be around you. In a typical sense, a person operating a regular computer has a limited ability to communicate with people around them, especially if you were playing a game. Using a virtual desktop makes it more limited losing your sense of vision.

The virtual desktop also requires you to use the mouse and keyboard. So many might see the virtual desktop as more of a gimmick.

What we understand about virtual desktop is that it’s still in the infant stages and there’s not really much demand for it where as slimmer TVs were an instant hit.

This piece of virtual technology might be the most useless thing invented. But who knows, it might just become as popular as anything else.

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  1. But what happens when the Hololens does this? AR technology has more capability to deliver a better concept of “virtual desktop.” Still interesting to think about..

    1. Well, AR technology isn’t nearly as developed as VR tech yet. Virtual reality is being pushed by a lot of growth and billions of dollars behind it.

  2. I could only imagine all the crazy people hopping on their virtual reality devices to watch a movie when they can watch it on a traditional tv or monitor


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