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How To Custom Make Mods On Robo Recall

How To Custom Make Mods On Robo Recall

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Epic Game’s newly released Robo Recall is making quite a stir in the VR industry. It’s the first true AAA VR game released on the platform. One of the drawback however is its exclusivity to the Oculus platform. There are mods that you can install for the HTC Vive where you can play the game on the headset, but officially it’s only available for the Rift. But to be engaging right off the bat, Epic Games has allowed Robo Recall to be modded.

If you are one of the interested parties in modding the game, Epic Games released a detailed documentation on how to use the mod kit in VR.

Initially, you’ll have to sign up for an Epic ID. Once you’ve completed that procedure you can download and install the Epic Games Launcher. Install and download the Robo Recall Mod Kit from the Epic Games Launcher. Epic Games has indicated that this might take awhile as it’s over 20+ GB in size. Once the download is complete, launch the RObo Recall Editor.

The next step will be to create a new mod. Epic Games has listed a procedure of open ended creatives where you can create a new robot, new gun, and even a new level. First, you’ll have to click the “Create Mod” button on the toolbar. From there, you’ll select the type of mod you want to create.


You’ll be provided with a list to choose from, ranging with different types of guns and robots. From there, you enter in a new mod name.


Once you’ve created the mod name, fill in the author and description. When that has been completed, click, “Create Mod.” This will generate a new file. It will take a little time to complete. When your new mod is ready, it’ll be automatically focused in the browser.


Double click on the Blueprints folder when it is ready. Then hit the “Weapons” folder to see the files. In there, you’ll be able to start creating your new mods.

Following up on previous step, you have to right click in the Content Browser and choose “New Folder.” This will  create a new folder in the mod’s content directory. Make sure to name the folder “Materials.”


Once that’s done, double-click the “Materials” folder to open it. Click the “Add New” button to add a new material asset. Name this material “Mat_Ceramic.”


You’ll then double-click the “Mat_Ceramic” material to have it edited in the Material Editor.


From here, drag a “Constant3Vector” expression into the graph from the pallette. Connect that to the “Base Color” input on the Material node.


After, double-click the black color preview on the expression to open the color picker. You should set the RGB values to .02 to input a little bit of color on the surface.


Then, proceed to drag a “Constant” expression onto the graph from the palette. Connect it to the “Metallic” input on the material node. Make sure to leave the value at 0. This will remove any metallic characteristics in its appearance.


Now, drag a “Constant” expression into the graph from the palette and have it connect to the “Base Color” input on the material node. Leave the value of the expression at 0. This, in result, will make the material super shiny.


After this have been achieved, hit the “Apply” button at the top to save the changes to the “Mat-Ceramic” material. This step helped achieve a dark shiny surface for the panel that you will be applying to your modded gun.


Now, we want to double-click on one of the weapon blueprints in the content browser to edit it in the Blueprint Editor.


From here, select the “WeapMesh” component in the Components Panel.


After selecting, go back in the Content Browser and select “Mat_Ceramic” material. Then, in the Details panel, find the “Materials” category and click “Use Selected Asset from Content Browser” button to apply the “Mat_Ceramic” material you created. This will be added on to the weapon mesh.

Now hit the “Compile” button at the top left to update the blueprint with the modded changes. Then click the “Save” button next to it on the Blueprint Editor.

The result should look something like this.


To test your newly created mod, go to the Level Editor toolbar and  click the “Play” button. This will launch into the Hub.


From the Mods menu, find the “Ceramic Guns” mod and select it to enable it.


After, select “GUN RANGE” at the top to do some practice shooting at targets. You’ll find that your ceramic guns are now able to be equipped.


From there, you can starting firing away and testing the new mod you have created for Robo Recall. We hope this Robo Recall Mod guide will help some people create amazing content and fun custom weapons. This new VR game is truly remarkable. VR & FUN will be releasing a review of Robo Recall shortly.


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