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Highest Earning VR Games On Steam In 2017

Highest Earning VR Games On Steam In 2017

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With 2017 behind us, we can now start to see just how popular some of the VR games on Steam were in 2017. Valve recently released their highest earning VR games list with some surprising data provided by Steamspy. To note, this is an estimate and may not reflect the most accurate numbers as there were several price changes and sales. This will provide us with a ballpark estimate as to how successful some of these VR games were so far since their launch.

Platinum VR Games

platinum vr games on steam

Here is the ballpark figure on the highest earning platinum VR games on Steam in 2017.

Estimated Platinum VR Game Gross Earnings On Steam:

Fallout 4 VR – $4,475,520.00 (74,592 users)

Raw Data – $3,607,424.00 (112,732 users)

Arizona Sunshine – $3,169,530.00 (121,906 users)

Job Simulator – $3,028,572.00 (168,254 users)

Tilt Brush – $2,117,050.00 (211, 705 users)

SUPERHOT VR – $1,904,508.00 (101,628 users)

Onward – $1,546,140.00 (103,076 users)

Space Pirate Trainer – $1,453,455.00 (161,495 users)

Audioshield – $1,453,210.00 (145,321 users)

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality – $1,414,350.00 (67,350 users)

Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades – $1,525,620.00 (76,281 users)

Gorn – $1,039,215.00 (69,281 users)


As we can see, Fallout 4 VR ranked at the top. This is the fact due to its sheer popularity and the cost of the VR game being at $60. Bethesda is also a household name and the original Fallout 4 game has been a popular RPG game now for years selling millions of copies around the world. Arizona Sunshine also ranked at the top for its fun zombie shooting VR experience.

The difference between the two though is that Arizona Sunshine is also available on PSVR and Oculus Rift meaning that it probably made a lot more money than Fallout 4 VR did. So overall, Arizona Sunshine would take the top. This is also the same with Job Simulator as the VR experience is available on PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift as well.

Gold VR Games

gold vr games on steam

Here is the ballpark figure on the highest earning Gold VR games on Steam in 2017.


Estimated Gold VR Game Gross Earnings On Steam:

Virtual Desktop – $2,039,316.00 (169,943 users)

Vanishing Realms – $1,375,486.00 (98,249 users)

Sairento VR – $818,381.00 (32,106 users)

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope – $811,110.00 (40,555 users)

Doom VFR – $745,920.00 (24,864 users)

Batman Arkham VR – $681,440.00 (34,072 users)

The Talos Priciple VR – $439,340.00 (21,967 users)

Paranomal Activity the Lost Soul – $410,380.00 (20,519 users)

QuiVr – $380,205.00 (25,347 users)

Pavlov – $353,406.00 (58,901 users)

Dead Effect 2 VR – $325,890.00 (21,726 users)

I Expect You to Die – $265,537.00 (21,243 users)


The question we now have to ask is are these VR games profitable? Well, that all depends on how much they spent developing the game, marketing, and etc. Some of these companies may have made a ton of money. Pavlov for instance was developed by a very small team with one person being mostly responsible for everything.

On the other hand, DOOM VFR probably had a team of 10 – 50 working on the VR game which costs a lot more to release in VR. However, these numbers show that there is steady growth in the market and that people are taking heavy interest


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  1. Well, if Doom and Fallout were available for Oculus, I would have bought them.
    They would have made more money if they were not exclusive.


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