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Hideo Kojima Enters The VR Industry With Prologue Immersive

Hideo Kojima Enters The VR Industry With Prologue Immersive

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hideo Kojima advisor at Prologue Immersive

In terms of current VR content, there hasn’t been the “Big Bang” movement that’s causing the gaming community to adopt, yet. But now the tables might flip as VR has sparked an interest in the eyes of Hideo Kojima, the long time game designer at Konami. Hideo Kojima worked on blockbuster titles such as Metal Gear Solid and my personal favorite, Zone of the Enders.

But with his exit from Konami last year, we haven’t heard much from him besides his upcoming title Death Stranding, which released a trailer earlier this year. But Hideo Kojima has gained some interest in virtual reality technology and has been scouted to join the board of advisers at Prologue Immersive.

Prologue Immersive is a company that’s dedicated in building medium that defines content for virtual and augmented reality.  The company’s CEO, Kimberly Cooper and partner, Kyle Cooper head the throne at the creative company.

About Kimberly Cooper and Kyle Cooper

Kimberly Cooper has directed many productions and has even been nominated for two emmys in the past. Kyle Cooper, the co-founder has also been nominated for six emmys and have won two for his work on various productions.  The two together have worked on titles such as Iron Man, Prometheus, Seven, Godzilla, and Tron. These movies were some of the biggest hits in recent time.

The pair have also worked on Destiny, the game and Metal Gear Solid along Hideo Kojima in the past. They have a long track record of being a big success and the company looks to continue stirring north. With so much VFX and sound engineering experience under their belt, the creative minds over at Prologue Immersive may soon come out with an impactful piece of content for the VR and AR world. We look forward to their cooperation together along one of the most brilliant minds in the gaming industry, Hideo Kojima.

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