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Here Is The List Of Store Locations Where You Can Demo The HTC Vive

Here Is The List Of Store Locations Where You Can Demo The HTC Vive

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Currently, the PC based VR experience has a hefty price tag which can start anywhere from $1100 upwards to $3000. The Oculus Rift headset starts at $599 and the HTC Vive headset starts at $799. On top of owning a VR headset, you must have a PC to go along with it, which starts around $600 for a low to mid-end solution. So if you’re looking to invest in virtual reality, you’d want to demo the headsets first. Luckily, Oculus has put demo stations around Best Buy locations throughout the U.S. for consumers to experience VR, prior to purchasing. Even though there’s been recent news of Oculus shutting down some of these demo stations, you’ll still have access to them at many Best Buy stores. However, HTC isn’t using Best Buy as their demo stations for their Vive headsets. They’ve partnered up with various companies to provide more exposure to their targeted consumers. Below is the list of locations in which you can demo the headset around the world.



There are currently 51 Gamestop locations around the U.S. where you can demo the HTC Vive. Every location will vary in hours where you can schedule a demo to try the VR headset. Gamestop has partnered with CyberPowerPC to provide computers that can power the Vive headsets on-site. View the full list of locations that are offering demos.

Microsoft Stores

Microsoft is also offering a chance to demo the HTC Vive headset at their storefront locations. Microsoft Stores are located in the U.S., Canada, and Australia with 62 locations. Microsoft makes a perfect fit for the HTC Vive as the headset operates on the Windows platform. View the full list of locations that are offering demos near you.

Micro Center

Another company offering free HTC Vive demos is Micro Center. You’ll find great deals on electronics at these storefront locations along with scheduled demos for the VR headset. They don’t mention all of the locations that are offering demos but you can call in to the nearest location to find out. View the full list of Micro Center locations around the U.S.

If you still haven’t had the chance to see the virtual world through the Vive headset, visit one of these stores today. The Vive headset has been rated as the number one VR platform by many professionals and experts in the virtual reality industry. VR & FUN also recommends these headsets.

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