Home AR News Hasbro and DMG Entertainment to Launch Immersive VR/AR ‘Transformers’ Experience Center This Summer

Hasbro and DMG Entertainment to Launch Immersive VR/AR ‘Transformers’ Experience Center This Summer

Hasbro and DMG Entertainment to Launch Immersive VR/AR ‘Transformers’ Experience Center This Summer

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Hasbro and DMG Entertainment are launching a highly immersive, interactive Transformers digital simulation experience center this summer in Shanghai. The experience center will feature up-close and personal character interactions, highly immersive VR and AR technology, interactive environments and activities featuring the latest digital technologies.

In a recent press release, from DMG Entertainment, the company has stated that the new project will result in a Transformers universe like never before. After the Shanghai debut, DMG plans to expand the centers to other China cities regularly over the next five years, designing with the global audience in mind.

“We’re pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling by harnessing innovative, immersive and interactive technology that brings fans into the Transformers world like never before,” said DMG Entertainment CEO Dan Mintz.

The Transformers centers, based on the massively popular multi-billion dollar franchise, will allow fans to immerse themselves side by side with their favorite characters. Visitors will be able to engage in a variety of missions such as battling against evil Decepticons on Cybertron alongside Optimus Prime, and climbing behind the wheel of Bumblebee for the ultimate driving experience. Missions are offered to guests of all ages.

“We’re very excited to work with DMG as we launch into the rapidly growing space of VR, AR and other mixed reality experiences,” said Simon Waters, General Manager, Senior Vice President, Entertainment and Consumer Products, Hasbro.  “The Transformers digital simulation centers will offer fans an incredibly immersive experience that’s truly … ‘More Than Meets the Eye.’”

The Transformers franchise began over 30 years ago with a simple toy line, and grew to include comic books, animated series, films, video games, and consumer products. According to the press release, the most recent Transformers film, 2014’s TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, earned more than $850 million internationally. They are releasing a new film, which opens world wide June 21 entitled TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT. Additional sequels are planned for release in 2018 and 2019. DMG is also working on a collaboration with S2BN to develop a Transformers Live show.

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