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Hanging Out WIth Al Roker In AltspaceVR

Hanging Out WIth Al Roker In AltspaceVR

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AltspaceVR announced today that they’ll be partnering up with NBC News to recreate and host events in a virtual Rockefeller Democracy Plaza on their social space platform. And along with the celebratory announcement, we had the chance to hangout and meet up with Al Roker from NBC News at AltspaceVR’s Democracy Plaza.


The event was quite short but it was entertaining to see Al Roker using the HTC Vive for the first time. AltspaceVR created a special avatar for Al Roker and it definitely reflected his character and personality. He and his fellow team member, Alex, hosted a quick Q&A session for the audience. Al Roker shared some memorable stories of him at 30 Rock and how he appreciated the fans coming out to see him. The audience also got to ask a series of questions for Al Roker which he responded to all of them with his exquisite humor and demeanor.

NBC and AltspaceVR will be hosting many events throughout the presidential election similar to the one we witnessed today. You can keep up to date on the next even through NBC’s VR outlet or through AltspaceVR’s site.

This is a big step forward in terms of growth for virtual reality as media outlets are now identifying the viability of this technology. We’ll be able to witness the use of VR in a variety of ways, one of them being a portal for information on the upcoming election.

We hope to catch some of you in the virtual Rockefeller Democracy Plaza created by AltspaceVR which will be live up until the election date.

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